When you're old player!

    • dubejoviceM
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      Hey guys. Let me introduce myself a little bit. I am guy from Central Europe.
      I am 45 years old but I think I can be as good as young players.
      I play poker for 6 months and I love omaha for now.
      I decided to create a blog about my race and voyage in poker carrer. My huge target is to turn my life to pro but it's pretty long voyage. I play plo at PokerStars. Plo10 with $200 for start.
      I would actualize my blog every week and I would give to me some small targets for every week.
      My targets for next week are play 7500 hands at minimum with $200 profit!
      After week I'll post a graf and news etc.
      For now, gl everybody and see ya at the tables :) :D
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