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Challenge: Black Card Pro Heads-Up on Full Tilt

    • kornmeister
      Joined: 20.10.2007 Posts: 61
      Hey Guys,

      Kornmeister here and I am challenging you for a Heads-Up battle on Full Tilt Poker!
      As I am still lacking a couple of points in order to win the Black Card Sponsorship Leaderboard I am offering a special challenge.
      Over the next 2 days 30. – 31.12. (! ET Servertime counts!), I will submit a unique offer to everybody who is joining me at the $ 10 – 115 $ Heads-Up SnG's.
      The requirement therefor is we haven't played this month.

      Offer 1:
      If you beat me on your first try once at each limit ($10 -$20 -$35 -$60 -$115$) I am going to double your winnings ($ 240)!
      Option: You beat me at each limit from $35-$350 ($35 - $60 -$ 115 -$200 $350) and you'll get a prize money of $500!
      Therefore we'll play each limit only once, whichever one started first, doesn't matter.

      The challenge is over once you lost a match.

      There is a second offer though!

      Offer 2:
      Should I win the Sponsorship I'll give away another $1000 amongst everybody who played me within these two days!
      For every limit we played on and haven't played on before you'll get one ticket.
      The raffle will have 5x $200 up for grabs!

      During the next 2 days I will be sitting the Turbo and Regspeed Heads-Up SnG tables under the nickname Kornmeister1 and I am trying to play 12 tables constantly.

      - Offer 1 only counts if we haven't played any games for this month. The only exception is if we played one single game.
      - Offer 1 is avaiable once for each player and the first game on each limit counts.
      - There'll be tickets given away for offer 2 on each limit we haven't played before.
      - Offer 2 only counts if I am winning the Sponsorship, offer 1 even if I am not!
      - If you successfully accomplished offer 1 post here or pm me your FT nickname, I will verify the data and payment will be made on 04.01.2014.
      - If I succeeded at winning the Black Card Sponsorship Offer 2 will come into effect. Post your nickname or pm me with it, I will verify the data and the raffle takes place. The winners will be posted.
      - The 3rd of January 11:59:59pm CET is the closing date. The raffle will be held on the 4th of January.
      - Should a person be drawn twice another lot will be drawn instead so there'll be 5 different winners for each of the $200.
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    • NoXz
      Joined: 19.03.2008 Posts: 191
      Hey guys,

      get on the heads-up tables and try to snatch a few dollars of Kornmeister.
      It's a good offer and he's already 12-tabling for a few days, so support him and take a shot at some extra money!

      I am vouching for this promotion, gogo Kornmeister go and grab the title!