this year somewhere at july or june I decided I will try poker. I was playing poker last 3 years with success but never committed time and work ethic. It all changed couple of months ago.

I started with 17$ and gold academy program. I remember I played only so I would gather points to get gold so I could watch it.

It improved mine game for about 350%.

Gradualy I was going up. Mine bb/100 was sometimes 10-2. I reached nl25. Played a bit there, and was forced with decision.

Do I continue school, ( need to withdrawn founds for 1 years intuition) or do I continue playing.

I ask around, and did a lot of thinking, decided to stick with school.

I withdrew almost all of mine BKR. I was left with 200~$ to continue playing poker.

I am playing with that bkr for a month now. I got a lot of luck and atm mine BKR is 654$, and in 25$ I will get mine second shot with NL25.

Mine resolution is to get Supernova on PS for next year.

Mine calculations are that I need to produce 8400 VPP a month, 280 VPP daily.

If I stay on NL16 I think its still manageable. I am not calculating getting to NL25.

Basically strict schedule of playing. I play in intervals of 45min-1,5h( I stop when I feel mine concentration is lousy) and make a brake.

I hope to make it.

One more time I wanna say thanks to all POKERSTRATEGY moderators, coaches and all people that have any correlation with it. I played mine school. I am studying, and enjoying poker.

For mine country standards, even if I never make it past NL25, on that lvl, I still get money that is better than 8h day paying job.

Happy new years to all.

Gl on tables.

Supernova here I COME!