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    • Urpo567
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      In WH Award Points converter you can change 500k points for 1500$ bonus to get nearly 50% rakeback as Full House VIP. The bonus is released in $5 increments per 400 WHpoints, making a total of 120k WHpoints. By that time I will have gathered another 780k Award points, so each time I buy a bonus and grind it out, I will have 280k "extra points" which I can't use to buy bonuses, so I can't really get the 50% RB. Have I understood the system correctly?
      If so, I guess the best way is to take bonus after bonus and then when I have reached for example 6,2 million "extra points" convert them to cash for 39% rakeback.. So the real RB would be like 46% or so. Still feels like a stupid system :p
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    • tonypmm
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      It's not that stupid, it's designed to make customers stay with the same skin longer, having to clear those bonuses :f_tongue:

      You indeed won't have more than 50% from any iPoker2 VIP program itself - it's prohibited by the network rules.

      Theoretically, a return of a bit over 50% would be possible at WH for VIP8+ (raking $8K+ monthly) collecting the extra points for really long (exchanging them in chunks of $40K for 16M points or $100K for 36.5M - the rate of the latter exchange is theoretically exactly 50% for VIP10), but the T&C of the point converter contain a clause saying that a player can be denied a bonus if the 'lifetime bonus ratio' is too big; I haven't asked them what exactly this means, but I suspect that it's exactly a prohibition of a VIP converter return exceeding 50%.

      Apart from that, you've understood the system correctly.
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      Thank you tonypmm!

      Happy New Year guys!
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      Thanks for your answer tonypmm :)
      Happy new year to all Pokerstrategy members!