HU question !

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    • kurrkabin
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      Hi, guners89!

      1.5$ hyper turbo HU requires a bigger bank than 50$, so we rule this option out. You can choose between regular and turbo. I prolly go turbo as I like more dynamic game, you can put higher volume and I guess get a higher dollar per hour winnings. However, ~ 30 BI to begin with playing turbo format is also risky as swings can destroy your whole bank.
    • guners89
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      Thank you, kurrkabin

      I think I started with $ 1.50 regular. When I do a major bank will go turbo.

      I have another question. How ROI is good for regular and turbo format ?
    • weezyh
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      In your case i would start from regular to start better know the game and then swtich to turbo cause blinds icrease faster ,faster games end more profit you gonna make.