Losing with best hand

    • Frannie1969
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      Hi everyone,

      The last two days I have lost over and over again with the best hand.

      Some examples (believe me, they are horrofic!)

      * Somebody went All Inn, I called with QK and my opponent turned Q8.....Flop Q88

      * I'm on the SB, my only opponent the BB and I move my chips to the middle of the table
      with 88 in my hand (needed to because I was also on low stack)
      My opponent calls my All Inn with 44 (can understand this)......Flop/Turn/River 34KJ6

      * I was dealt 10-J and when the flop came I was pleased (10-J-3) I because there were
      two daimonds I needed to protect my hand so I moved all in (I had no daimonds) 1
      person calls (Q-7h) and on the turn came a 7 and river as well so the final table was
      10-J-3-7-7, my opponent won with a trips 7's in his hands (why-o-why did he/she call

      Now I could continue the story with examples but it went towards a hilarious state when I lost 8 similar situations in a row....always a good call, always the best hand and always lost in a way where you would think.....bad beat!

      This is poker and things like this happens but 8x in a row in 5 different tournaments??
      When something happens like this, I close down my pc and do something else (to avoid "Tilt") but....I wonder how do you all deal in this situation?

      Regards to all !
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      Hey Frannie1969,

      How we deal with this situation is what sets the winning players and losing players apart in my opinion. Winning players move on to the next hand/tournament without thinking about the bad luck they've just incurred. Losing players whine about how this has happened 15 times in a row!

      We have to accept as poker players that we cannot control the cards and how they fall. As long as an opponent has outs (whether it's one or ten) they mathematically still have a chance to win the hand!

      All we can do is work, work and work on improving our game and mindset so we don't let the situations bother us.

      Happy New Year!

      Hope this helps,
    • TJtheTJ
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      Hey Frannie,

      Like Gary mentioned, that's just poker! In the end you just have to move on.

      Our coach Erik Stenqvist has an excellent video series on mindset, A-game and tilt control. You can find all videos in this series here. I think this would be pretty useful for you, if you can't quite handle the swings yet but feel confident about your game.


      Hope that helps, and I wish you all the best for 2014!

    • SpecialEdd
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      we react same as you :D
      What tourneys do you play? Try to play max 500 people, regular ones and you will feel your edge against others there.
      Also try to concentrate about your decisions, not a result if you are still learning.
      Use serious BRM, playing tourneys, as you can see it can take awhile to get one.
    • Frannie1969
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      Thanks for your reactions!

      I think I just did what you all tell.....took a deep breath and registred for the Big 16NL
      Wish me luck! :D
    • ThatGuyMatt
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      It happens sometimes and sucks big time!

      I played around 5-7 mtt's last night and within 30 minutes got each of them AI when ahead (AK vs AQ for example) and lost every single one, it was to the point I knew I'd lose as soon as I seen a call :P

      You've just got to push through it and let variance work its magic, sooner or later it'll your turn to run good, so make sure you're playing your A-Game when it is, when these combine, you can ship everything ;)
    • knifetoss81
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      Hi Frannie!!

      You asked the same question that I had. I have experienced similar things in the past couple of weeks at cash games. Now a days, however, things are looking up and as ThatGuyMatt says "variance works its magic" and I made back all the money and more. You just have to have confidence in your ability to play and always think about the ways you could lose when you have the nuts.

      Good luck.
    • MMPokerNab
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      honestly, i sometimes cry after a horrible session.
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      Originally posted by MMPokerNab
      honestly, i sometimes cry after a horrible session.
      We have a winner
    • htghguuh
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      those are not winning hands,QJ ,10 J ,10 K ,JK,ETC .
      Calling all in too push an oppenent out ain goin help either especially iff youre chip stack is low.

      Thers a way to go yet.