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    • caltabiano
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      Ok.. I started trying to use Elephant at partry poker... but the display of the stats is in a really weird way. It's not very clear and it covers up some names and stacks of the players.. anybody experiencing the same?
      Is there a way to fix it? Or maybe should I use another software for party poker?
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    • straddler71
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      Click on the picture of the elephant and go into hud settings. There you can change which stats are displayed on the screen. Unless you remove most of the stats you are still going to have a problem seeing opponents stack sizes, names and there actual cards at the showdown.

      Something else you can do is go into hud settings and set the software to beginner mode. Instead of showing the stats in numbers it will show stats of opponent such as vp as tight or loose or whatever the case may be.

      Those are your only options.
    • galam
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      Please also make sure you read our latest blog article about partypoker. You can find it here: http://devblog.pokerstrategy.com/

      Greets Sebastian