The Eagle has landed (with a bump!)

    • EagleStar88
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      Hi everyone.

      I'm Bart, 36 year old from Hampshire, U.K.

      Been playing a couple of years now, on & off, with mixed success.

      Realised a short while ago that whilst this hobby isn't actually costing me much, If I could improve just a little, I could take it up a level and be more cost effective, not to mention more enjoyment.

      That's why the reference to landed with a bump, reality hit and Poker Strategy provides the perfect combination of quality learning, the friendliest members you could wish to meet and oh the $50 sign up helps too, lol :D

      Only joined 6 days ago, but loving it already. Wading my way through the strategy guides and sticking religiously to my newly defined BRM.

      I play on a number of different poker sites including Titan, Full Tilt, Pokerstars etc. If you see me at the tables, be sure to say hello.

      Warmest regards to all strategists, new & existing.

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