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    • 1stTilt
      Joined: 26.03.2011 Posts: 12
      OK so this is me.

      I've read around 10 poker books and taken notes on each book. I have about 3 more books I want to read and then read my notes and reread my notes with scans of the books I've already read to upgrade my notes.

      This puts my knowledge at quite an extensive place but I still end up as a losing player in any stake but micro.

      Here is a situation I just played in a $7 SNG to give you an idea of my knowledge.

      Blinds 10-20
      UTG1 called - This player was loose and I suspected for a K or weak A in his hand
      Mid position called - Again another loose player and I suspected for a QJ-109 or low PP
      Hero I was in late mid - I raised with 96o (120) to get one of the weak players heads up and push out another loose player behind me.
      Cutoff called - This was the player I wanted to push out preflop and after seeing his call here I would likely not make this same play with him holding position on me
      SB reraised - (540) I suspected this player was making a squeeze on the hand or had AKo

      UTG1 Fold
      Mid Fold
      Hero - I make this call as I have 40% equity against the AK or squeeze raise and the call is just in the value of making this call. Another 400 to make 800. I also called here because I suspected the other loose players to hold blockers to his reraise hand.

      Flop 9 7 5 with a flush draw that I have a backdoor to and the AJo SB reraise holds nothing too on this board.

      SB pushes all in preflop for another 930 or something I snap call and he hits an A on the turn.

      I don't use a HUD at this point as I play single tables and watch the table religiously to make reads.

      I know about putting a player on ranges and reading flops that hit ranges more than others both my own and the villains.

      Can anyone suggest a path for me to follow that can improve my outcomes?

      I've just downloaded pokertracker and will be taking a closer look at this.
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    • Tomaloc
      Joined: 17.01.2011 Posts: 7,020

      you are up against "loose" (i'm reading "fishy") players who might often not like to fold either preflop or postflop, so why are you raising with garbage?
      with utg+mp+co it seems like you have 3 fishy players and to hope to push all of them out at some point with 69o is at least "optimistic".

      sb reraising can mean a lot. you seem to (randomly?) assume that he is quite aggressive, then you proceed to put him on Ax hands only, completely disregarding any big pocket pairs.
      try giving him some sort of actual range (this is veeeeery wide and most likely not very realistic at all, but 69o still does terribly):

             Equity     Win     Tie
      MP3    32.69%  31.98%   0.71% { 96o }
      SB     67.31%  66.60%   0.71% { TT+, ATs+, A5s-A2s, 98s, 87s, 76s, 65s, ATo+ }

      back to the very basics, you know that 96o is a garbage hand, right? preflop raising is bad, calling the squeeze then is god damn awful.
      you flop "gin" whatever, what would you do if flop was A9x? J6x? even in this flop you could still easily be behind against an overpair.

      i'm sorry if this sounded harsh, but try going back to the very basics, tight is right etc, maybe you got "fancy play syndrome" from all the books. not saying that the books are bad (maybe but probably not), just that it seems that you might be misapplying knowledge.
    • 1stTilt
      Joined: 26.03.2011 Posts: 12
      No worries mate, I appreciate the constructive criticism.

      I agree they are fishy players and its why, for the most part I disregard the large PP's, because most players at this level are quite fishy. They Squeeze often early in tournaments with weak holdings like AJo. I also feel in this position that I can still make a call with my stack here and have almost 1000 behind to continue play in the tournament. Ideally I make the call because its a huge chance to double up early and make a payout...

      I put them on a range of AJ+ JJ+

      They're hands most of the time should be an Ablank and the implied odds on the pot are making me call. I agree that its not the ideal hand to be making a call but do you think it outweighs the implied odds on the pots?

      Anymore input you can give would be appreciated.
    • Tomaloc
      Joined: 17.01.2011 Posts: 7,020
      while i somewhat disagree with your assumptions, i'll keep it to the conflicting points within your assumptions.
      in tournaments the chips you lose are worth more than the chips you win, for icm reasons.

      so.. no mention about why you raised 96o to begin with? :p
      anyway after you get squeezed, against the range that you gave him of AJ+ JJ+ you definitely have less than 30% equity. so even on the grounds of immediate pot odds you can't call. while they can have "weak holdings" they can also have good holdings so why aren't you considering the good holdings?
      and yeah, you didn't mention everyone's stack sizes. how deep is everyone, are you chip leader? a call for 420 sounds like a rather significant portion of your stack.

      against the squeeze it is a clear fold. no such thing as "implied odds" unless you get lucky to hit 2p+, mostly you only have reverse implieds.
      what actually mostly happens is that you hit nothing he cbets you fold, or you hit a pair, the money goes in at some point and you are up against a better pair.

      what happened in this hand is just that both of you spewed terribly.
      you should not have raised pre, you should not have called the squeeze (his squeeze might or might not be acceptable, maybe he saw you isolating pre with such weak holdings), then you got lucky to hit TP on the flop (where he should not have shoved), then he got lucky to spike his top pair.
      just a comedic succession of events really :P
    • 1stTilt
      Joined: 26.03.2011 Posts: 12
      lol I like the analysis.

      You're right as well. Even though I think I'm up against the Ablank more often I'm not taking into account the large PP's and the CB on the flop.

      I've actually just started going over hands I lose with that break my tournaments and they seem to be based around reraises. On reflection of your analysis I need to tighten my calling range in position to reraises for sure.

      Thank you for the help.

      Can you suggest anything beyond the hand that I can use to help my play?
    • Styr
      Joined: 11.03.2009 Posts: 417
      Frankly speaking, I don't think it is possible to read hands in the micros. Except a small percentage of the players.

      If the villain (read: donk) does not know himself what he has or how to play it, then how the heck are you supposed to be able to predict it?

      And the saddest part is... most of them will reproduce :O