[NL20-NL50] Drawing hands NL50 Deep

    • silent21
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      Okey guys i have some questions. I am at work atm and dont have the hands right now but i am eager to ask for this.

      i am playing NL 50 and yesterday the following things happened to me four times:

      just note that i always play deep tables [BI is doubled and NL50 BI is 100] and i always stay on the tables with max money or above.

      1. after 4bb raise i called with 88 and the flop was 8s6s2x. guy 2/3 pot raised and i was afraid of losing to flush so i shoved[~185BB] - he called and showed AsQs and got flush on river and ofc i got broke.

      2. after 3bet with KK i flopped top set but 2 cards where suited. i made pot bet and got raised and again because i was afraid of flush i shoved and again get called [guy got middle pair + flush draw] and ofcourse river flush came ...and broke again for 1 deep BI.

      almost the same or somehow the same situations happened to me 2 more times, i have nuts on flop and shove just because afraid of flushes.

      i do not call very big raises when drawing for flush or draw unless i got very big implied odds, and i would never call allins for about 150BB on a draws.

      so my question is - are such calls shoves? also how should i play on such raises? reraise or just call and vs what type of players? i got ~26k hands on this limit on FTP and i data mine nonstop when i am not playing so i got very big number of hands statistics for most of the players on this limit

      my opinion is think this is just a variance and should not get disappointed of this because my shoves were somehow justified and the calls were not
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    • Kaitz20
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      Your shoves just looks like draws. Can´t really expect that player would go all-in 175bb, since he is afraiding flushdraw. That ś why also get called (or other option players liked to gamble with their draws).
      But since you got your money all-in with 67-33 lead then you should basically won both these all-in, just unlucky that opponent hit their flush on the river.
      My line how to play set ip on 2-way flush.
      NL 50
      Raise pot, call,fold, fold. Pot is now 7,75.
      Player leads 5$, I´d make it 15, when we´re deep 17-18.
      This way he can shove with his flushdraw, overpair or if he just calls then I can bet with probably any turn card and also try to get value in the river.
    • Kruppe
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      Hi, I play the same tables, nick 'Keruli'. What's your nick?

      about those two hands: in the first one I think you get more value from a raise instead of a direct push.

      With KK I think betting a bit under pot is better, as suited hands are less likely in a 3bet pot, just 2 suited cards doesn't make the flop very dangerous, especially when you have redraw and he only has 7 outs with FD, and even against FD I think betting a bit under pot is better.