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armo's live poker blog

    • armo
      Joined: 07.03.2008 Posts: 451
      I decided to make blog of my weekly live poker games, so here it goes:

      Crazy poker saturday night (11.10.2008).

      Game: Played NL20 Holdem, with one minor variation - if players wins hand with 72 (the weakest starting hand in holdem) then all the players at the table pays extra 3 big blinds each to 72 hand owner.

      And introducing the players:

      Mr "Maniac Steamroller": Raises pf pretty wide, once he gets betting there is virtually no way of stopping him, 3bets light (and later proved that 4bets light as well). If you are in a hand with him, pot is going to be big.

      Mr "I don't believe you have a hand" aka Mr "I can't fold". Thinks his main goal is to catch all the bluffs out there, also makes big river bluffs once in a while

      Ms CallHappy: loose-passive, calls pf with any 2 and will call down her draws regardless of the price. Often gets sandwitched between other aggressive players

      Mr 72: overall pretty tight and solid but plays 72 like aces

      Ms Unluck (as she refers to herself) aka Ms "I feel lucky". Makes her pf play based on intuition, can call pf raise and 3bet with 94 just because she felt like it and then in next hands lays down JT in unraised pot. Tight-weak postflop becoming easy pray of all the aggressive players out there.

      Ms Money Scared: tight-weak player who makes her decisions based on absolute amounts of money instead of pot odds. Easy pray for Mr Maniac Steamroller

      Mr BigTime aka Mr Trap: thinks he has mission to win hands with big moves, thinks he is the greatest player out there, loves trapping, can make some good laydowns and good calls. Once in a while forgets that he should not bluff into Ms CallHappy or Mr "I cant fold" and is really pissed when called down with some marginal hand or weak draw.

      Ms Rock (or so we thought), tight and never bluffs (again, so we thought)

      Mr Laggy (me), usually I play pretty tight but that day my play where somewhere between lag and maniac.

      Game started 6 handed with Mr Steamroller, Ms Rock, Mr 72, Ms CallHappy, Mr "I cant fold" and me. That was super loose agressive play where Ms CallHappy and Mr "I cant fold" where on loosing end.

      Some interesting hands from this 6 handed session:

      i pick up the AK in the UTG, raise 6BB (medium sized raise :D ) and get called my only Mr I cant fold.

      I make cbet and get called.

      I bet again, and got reraised. My read is that Mr 'I can't fold' has some small-medium pocket pair or maybe Jx hand. I shove the remaining chips and Mr 'I cant fold' thinks for like 5 minutes and finally folds. I show him AK and he is really and I mean REALLY dissapointed with me, my play and himself for not reading me for AK :D

      Mr 72 makes a big move with 72:

      Ms Rock raises the blinds (danger-danger), Ms CallHappy, Mr Steamroller and 72 calls. Flopes comes two rags and ace, Mr. Steamroller donks the flop, Ms CallHappy lives up to her name and mr 72 makes big reraise. Ms Rock sighs and folds kings :D , everyone else folds as well and Mr 72 shows his hand and collects extra 3bb from each player. Ms Rock almost throws chips at Mr 72.

      At this time Mr BigTime, Ms I feel lucky and Ms Money Scared joins the game and game tightens up a bit, but still very hostile environment for weak or money scared players.

      One interesting hand I called "Stealing the pot from mr Steamroller":
      Mr Steamroller raises (again) and I call with A5 in hopes of stealing the pot later.

      Flop KKJ,
      Mr Steamroller bets big (almost pot sized) I call.

      Turn KKJ3,
      Mr Steamroller bets big again 2/3 pot, I make big raise. Mr Steamroller thinks for a while and calls (Ouch, maybe he really has J or K?).

      River comes KKJ39,
      Mr Steamroller checks and since he is not the trapper type I read him for no hand or maybe some medium pp. I make smallish 1/3 psb in hopes of taking down pot cheap but Mr Steamroller says that I don't have a hand and calls down with A9, ouch! Ms 'I feel lucky' calls us both idiots and gives us lecture about the starting hands we pick and way we play. An hour later she calls Mr Steamrollers raise with 96, flops a straight and stacks Mr Steamroller's Queens, without even betting, Mr Steamroller does shat and she just calls :D

      Mr Steamroller made 4bet pf with AJ soooted and I folded my queens (what a hell was I thinking? That was Mr Steamroller and not Ms Rock or Ms Money Scared)

      Overall that was one of the most aggressive and bizarre home poker nights I ever witnessed, it was fun though :) . Even Ms Rock made some bold moves like shoving 88 and AKJT flop and forcing Mr 72 to lay down JT. Mr 72 and Mr BigTime are the nights winners, Mr 'I can't fold' and all the ladies are on the loosing end and the other are breaking even or very small winners or loosers.
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    • armo
      Joined: 07.03.2008 Posts: 451
      Sunday 12.10.2008
      On sundays I always play 18 player $40 freezout in the local poker club, this time busted out because I could not lay down aces :(

      i pick up the aces in co. There are sever limpers in front of me, I made big raise and get called by fish in btn and solid player in sb.

      Sb checks and while I am thinking of how much to bet, fish announces that he is betting. I remind him that he has to wait for his turn and make a bet, fish makes insta miniraise and sb folds. Now I understand that I am most likely beat, especially when fish is eager to bet and insta raises but I just could not lay down. I kept telling myself that he could be doing this with another overpair or pair + draw (yea right, :P ) and shoved. Fish insta called and showed set of treys that won the hand. Disappointed i was going to go home but a friend of mine told me that I have to join the cash table and then the fun really started :D

      Main character was Mr 'I had waay too much Jameson' later to be know as Mr 'I bet the pot!' and overall total maniac :D

      Setup: Game was dealer's choice of cash NL40 Holdem and PLO with about 30% of holdem games and 70% PLO. There were 3 guys who haven't played omaha before (including Mr Jameson) and were willing to pay for the education :D

      First thing I realised that is soooo much harder to play PLO vs maniac than holdem :P
      if Mr Maniac was in the hand and thought his cards were good enough, he was making relentless pot sized bets and raises. He won lots of pots by just pushing the regulars out of the pot, lost some huge pots with crap hands and of course make some great suckouts :D

      Editors choice for suckout hand:

      Mr Maniac raises the pot and gets calls from two regulars.

      Flop K67
      Mr Maniac makes another PSB, one regular makes raise, other regular folds, Mr Maniac makes another PSB and regular gioes all-in, Mr Maniac laughs, says he is beat and calls

      Showdown, regular has set of kings, Maniac has pair of deuces and T9 gutshot.
      Turn comes deuce and River brings the last remaining deuce. There is a moment of silence of the room that is interupted by Mr Maniacs uncontrolled screams of joy and accomanied by some kind of victory dance. Regulars at the table start laughing and giving Mr Maniac comments like "nice hand" and "well played". In the background you can hear grim and low voice asking for rebuy at the table :D

      I had one nice hand:
      I pick up K Q J J

      As soon as I make a raise, Mr Maniac says he needs to go to pee and folds, I am kind of dissapointed. I get two calls from omaha first-timers though

      J T 6
      both first-timers check, I make half pot bet and get two calls. Now I am really disaapointed that Mr Maniac left the table

      J T 6 Q

      Not a great card but I guess I am still in a good shape
      There is a check, 1/2 psb, I call and the first player also calls.

      J T 6 Q Q
      player 1 bets, player 2 calls, I raise all-in, and they both call
      Player1 has 665A hand, Player2 has AK83 and I won the huge pot. Gotta love omaha first-timers :D

      As tourney finishes more and more ppl are villing to play cash and table breaks up into two - omaha and holdem tables. I stay with Mr Maniac at the holdem table :)

      Game is interesting with several regular tags, one solid lag, maniac and one calling station fish. I try to play against the maniac as much as possible and end up overplaying my hands and investing big portion of my chips to lag and tag's who also are after the maniac so I considerably tighten up, especially with lag sitting immediately on my left. Maniac looses stack after stack and finally gets broke and leaves. Too bad I did not participate in a single pot vs him, but the game is getting really intense when regulars are now battling more between themselves and trying to get the money out of remaining fish.

      One interesting hand where I could have won more chips from lag if I had been more preceptive.

      6 handed NL40 hodem game, I am in sb, lag is in bb.
      UTG tag raises to 2, another semi-weak player calls 2, fish calls. I pick up 99 in sb and call 2, lag of course calls 2.

      Flop (pot 8): K96
      I check, lag checks, pfr bets 5, semi-weak player folds, fish calls 5. i have about $21 left and I put all-in, my read is that fish caught king won't fold this one. Just as I push chips, I noticed that lag had already picked up chips and was going to make big raise, but after my push quickly places chips back on the table, thinks a bit and folds. What a waste :( pfr sighs and folds and fish calls.
      he shows AK and my set holds up.
      Turns out it was very interesting hand: pfr had QQ, fish had AK and lag had 96. If i had been more perceptive I would have called flop bet and then shoved over lag's raise, fish probably would not fold his AK and I would win even more money from lag's two pair.