first big win

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      Just thought I would post this as a wee ego boost for myself.

      I played in the costa del sol poker festival live main event this weekend, 500euro(i won the seat in a 50E sattelite)buy in and a field of 45 or so players. after the fist day of 10 hours of play finishing at 5am saturday we had a break until 7 pm and I started on the final table of nine with 47000 chips (average 85000 or so) the tournament paid the top six I was about 7th place. after 5 and a half hours more very tough play against some very experienced scandinavian players I took first place and a cool 9400euros!!

      Apart from showing off I wanted to post this to thank the guys and coaches on poker strategy who can certainly take some credit for helping me play a far more disciplined game than normal, cheers and good luck everyone.

      By the way winning hand, my A9 os against my opponents all in with 300000 chips showing A3 os , a 9 on the flop gave me the prize
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