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Supernova - Pay mine school please.

    • DjolusVicenus
      Joined: 15.11.2009 Posts: 259
      Here I will write all mine stuff. Idea is to write at least once in a week. I will write mine good stuff, mine bad stuff, and hopefully will get to supernova near December this year.

      Little background about me. I started interesting in poker about couple of years ago. I read a lot on PS, but I was one of those guys who was just reading and not doing sh*t.

      Last year when Pleno1 started gold academy I was that as opportunity to think about poker more seriously. At the moment of starting the academy I had on pokerstars about 17$ of money. I played only to get points for a gold so I can watch academy.

      Simultaneously I earned some money and watched whole academy 3,4 times. Mine game was a lot better because of it.

      It is strange that you only see where you mistakes are when someone who knows what he is doing shows you. So to cut the story short, I gather up to NL25 and had nice BKR.

      At the time I had a choice to withdrawn almost all of mine money for a school year intuition or to continue playing... I stick with school. I was at NL25 for about a month...

      I left on ~200$ to continue playing and withdrew rest of money and played for school year.

      ATM mine BKR is 860$~ and I am at NL25 playing a lot...

      Mine goals are...

      1. Reach supernova on PS. I calculated that I need minimum 280VPP a day so at the end of year I will reach supernova. Mine daily goals are to clean that step stone everyday. ideally I am going for 300VPP a day. I am playing 6max and mixing regular tables with zoom. Usually 1,2 zoom tables and 3,4,5 regular tables...

      2. Pay for next year intuition for mine law school.

      3. Get better at poker in general. As for daily goals, watch or read or review or do anything regarding getting better min 45min a day. Ideal I would like to be regular at NL50 and make a nice monthly profit for myself. I calculated to live in Serbia, with being solid NL50 player it is more than manageable. If I reach that goal, I would not be satisfied and stop. I will try to get higher and get more and more better at this game.

      4. Workout 5x week(30 min) Yourself Fitness program, lose weight, drink 2l water every day, dont eat chocolate and junk food, stop drinking fucking PEPSI!.

      5. If I get stuck, dont be a shamed to ask for help from other people. For some reason this is something really hard for me and I need to set this as a goal.

      ATM I am struggling with NL25. Mine stats are not satisfying for me and I am committing a bit more time to try to fix it. Mine red line is terrible and mine bb/100 is bad too. I am going threw articles for NLBSS all over again to try to get some concepts that I maybe forgot, neglected of am not using good.

      Mine aggression factor is extremely high, once again I am probable doing something wrong.

      As I see it, mine aggression is to high, and I get in to to little hands... I know mine calling range when CO, MP, UTG opens from BU does not exist... there is probable room for improvement there...
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    • IvicaIliev77
      Joined: 31.05.2012 Posts: 4,327
      I have a feeling this will be a great blog!
      I also envy you for starting with Cash game, I hope you will move up limits fast and crush like a boss. I will be checking the blog hope for some interesting hands, videos and concepts cause I really admire cash game crushers.
      All the best!
    • Lazza61
      Joined: 23.03.2011 Posts: 10,819
      Hey DjolusVicenus,

      Nice start to your blog. Btw Stay away from that PEPSI lol :f_biggrin:

      Happy Grinding

    • metza
      Joined: 28.01.2012 Posts: 2,220

      I am also going for SN this year, playing nl10 zoom sh but trying so far unsuccessfully to make the jump to nl25. It's gonna be a tough grind at nl25 so am hoping to spend a decent amount of the year at nl50 also. At the moment I am only 1% done for SN. :f_cry:

      Also, pretty much every time you said "mine", it is actually supposed to be "my". The meaning is still understandable but thought I'd say just in case you'd like your english to sound more natural. :f_biggrin:

      gl with the grind.
    • Veini
      Joined: 11.10.2010 Posts: 638
      Hi mate! It would be nice to see your positional stats and the leakfinder overall stats. If you post them here i could take a look at them and point you in the right directions (im playing also zoom at nl50)
    • DjolusVicenus
      Joined: 15.11.2009 Posts: 259
      I had a nice week. I think actually a lucky week. BKR is at 1012$

      I got Video from pleno1 about red line improvement. That stuff is GOLDEN!.

      Still didn't decided about when to take shot for NL50 and how to managed that. Any ideas?

      I played every day requirements and a bit more. I can see now, that Supernova is not a dream anymore. Its quite real. I just need to work every day and I will be there.

      Last couple of day I had flue. It was quite hard playing when you are sick. I still played mine daily requirements. And I even make a profit. I loved that you can sense you mental strength and commitment, when you are in that awful physical state, but you still do your sh*T like a boss.

      @IvicaIliev77 - Ty, I am not sure about videos, but all rest I will post...

      @Lazza61 Bro, every day is a strugle, dam you be, Pepsi :)

      @Metza When I take a shot, I play 4tables, 2 regulars, and 1 or 2 shot tables, depending on the money I set for shot. for NL25 numbers were 675$-625$, I start shot at 675 and if I drop below 625 I go back...

      If I recall first time last year, I success-ed from 3rd shot.

      Now, I success-ed with second shot.

      Try to not play much variance for first 2 BUI, after that play normal poker, and if you drop back to last 2BUI 725$in NL25 switch back to less variance...

      That is how I did it. Hope that helps a bit...

      @Veini wow, I would like that a lot, check it up...

    • metza
      Joined: 28.01.2012 Posts: 2,220
      How many hands at NL25 do you have to play to get the requirements?

      I played 4.6k hands of NL10 and still only got 196/273VPP (yet Stars site tells me I will get SN playing 2.6k hands/day lol)
    • DjolusVicenus
      Joined: 15.11.2009 Posts: 259
      @Metza bro i have no idea. I set mine goal as minimum 280 a day.Just change steller rewards to bar with VPP a day. I need to fill that bar every day. I take brakes when I feel I need them. No rules, pure grind...

      If I am not mistaken I do like around 3k hands a day. I allways have at least 1 zoom table...
    • Veini
      Joined: 11.10.2010 Posts: 638
      Hi mate! You 3bet way too little from all positions! Its important to 3bet alot from late positions and blinds. If you keep on 3betting only for value people will not give action to your monsters and you will leak from the bb/sb by folding too much. At zoom games opening from button and cutoff can be done very wide. You dont show your steal stats but i would say that opening 80% of buttons 2x wouldnt be bad at all. Be careful though by widening your ranges as its much better to play your way versus playing loose and being uncomftable postflop.

      Read the platinum articles for preflop ranges here and start slowly widening your ranges especially from late position ;)

      Cheers! :)
    • DjolusVicenus
      Joined: 15.11.2009 Posts: 259
      Hi all.

      ATM mine BKR is 664$ And I am back to nl16reg and zoom NL10.

      I tried to use a lot of 3bet bluffs and generally 3bet pots... It kinda backfire on me. I feel like this is quite good lesion for me and I do feel like a learned a lot. Mine BB and SB calling range is terrible and I dont have any concept about how to construct it vs different ranges that I have skills to determent vs BU, and MP opens... That part of mine game is really bad and I have a goal to work on it.

      with NL10/16 plays its quite hard to reach daily requirements for a supernova challenge. I am barley make it and I am not counting studying for school that will be an issue in next months or soo. I hope to get mine game on bigger lvl and to be at a minimum brake even on nl25 so I reach supernova.

      I had some really terrible calls and I did spew couple of buy ins. On the other side I did had a bit of unlucky in some spots.. AK vs QQ, AA vs KK etc... overall mine mistakes were not giving credit to river bets. Cbet 3bet bluffed pot that I Know-ed about his range is quite strong there, no calling range from BB, SB, BU, MP....

      When I look back ~650$ is still a lot in mine mind as accomplished from 0. But I know that I did some terrible plays, and I know that I tilled a lot.


      Get back on NL25. Be at least brake even to minimize time on poker and have time for school and a life.

      get throo all gold academy videos again.

      Go throo every lesson from scratch on stretegy section.

      Play hard, go pro.

      That is all, gl guys, have fun and see ya...

    • nmilan84
      Joined: 21.07.2010 Posts: 407
      Hello there fellow Serbian :f_biggrin:

      nice to see you are using most of Your profits for education, that should be inspirational for many other players!

      As for adapting to 3beting I know exactly how you feel, couple of months ago, after having a few winning months, I wanted to improve my game and got advices to 3bet more. Started doing it with suggested range of hands, depending on position, but the problem was what to do post flop. As a result I had worst month in poker ever! 3beting is very deep poker science, study it hard, and implement it slowly, and the results will come!

      I will definitely follow Your progress, and hope You reach SN and get money for scholarship :s_cool:

      GL @ the tables
    • LendarTecho
      Joined: 28.07.2013 Posts: 52
      How much hours per day do you play?
      I wonder how will you meet your daily goals when the second semester begins. It will be rough for you, but you will need to be organized and disciplined.
      Pozdrav iz Bosne :)