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6max hyper Omaha hi/lo. Crysis's poker blog!

    • Malykzaek
      Joined: 20.07.2010 Posts: 562
      Hello everyone :f_biggrin:
      I'm decided to start a new poker blog here, in this community bcs. in ours(Bulgarian) community I have 3 blogs already(they hate me for that) :D

      My name is Atanas and I'm from Bulgaria. I'm playing poker from 2-3 years, but without any big achievements.Until now, I was playing hold'em but it's too boring for me, and I don't feel like a winner there.
      For my new advanture I choose to start with omaha hi/lo. I like this game,there's a lot of fish like me,and I think everyone could beat them(even me). First I wan't to apologies for my worst english, one of the goals to my blog is to improve it, bcs. everywhere, the good english is advantage and also this summer I will travel to USA with "Work and travel" program.

      And so, I won't tell you my poker story, because it's too boring and uninteresing. Last days I played 18max turbos and 6max hiper and I like them. Maybe I'm lucky fish, or maybe the players are worst, but I'm not busted :D Today my money from other poker network comes to my Skrill account and I will do deposit, and I could start to play in Pokerstars with not so low bankroll.
      I will mix 6max hyper and 18max turbos. Maybe I'm better in 18max, but there isn't much games in biggest limits, and also I know that hypers is the best in $/h. There's also games in biggest limits so "I belive I can touch the sky" :f_biggrin:

      I'll like to made some discussions here about hi/lo games, because there's too little literature, maybe the reason for big amount of fishes :D

      I'm starting with 80$ bankroll what means 53BI.

      And finally my goals:

      :club: Improve my english
      :diamond: Playing my A game all the time
      :heart: Become a reg to the limit(1.5$)
      :spade: Making a nice blog for my followers

      That was my 2 minuts glory :f_biggrin:

      Bye bye, and see you at tabbles!

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    • Lazza61
      Joined: 23.03.2011 Posts: 11,189
      Hey Antanas,

      Welcome to the EN blogs.

      I used to play the $1.50 Turbo 18 man NLO8 on Stars. I've got to admit they were great fun to play but sadly I'm probably better of with NLHE.

      We are getting quite a few new guys through here who are trying to improve their English by having a blog and I think it's a great idea because you have an incentive to practice.

      The reason there isn't much literature about yet is because nobody can agree on a proper strategy.

      GL and Happy Grinding

    • Malykzaek
      Joined: 20.07.2010 Posts: 562
      Thanks Laz :f_biggrin:

      I will do a little up here. I really like this games! They are full with fishes, but variance is so damn high. I hasn't much time for grind last days. I did my first test in the university and I TOOK IT :megusta:

      Now about poker. I made about 30 games this days and I run it good, but today I did my worst session. I played something like 40 games and dropped 15 buy ins :f_cry: That was my worst sessions in this kind of games and I'm so sad. Maybe the low BR is the reason to reflect this way. Whatever...
      Now my BR is ruined to 68$ and I'm wondering to go back to cash games.
      I like this hyper sngs but my moneys are more important :)
      Maybe when I made bankroll like 250$ I'll go back to them but now time is bad for them.
      I find a literature about hi/lo games..the good part from today :)

      Well that's all for this time.

      P.S. Continued with cash, and that's my run today

      If you know what I mean
    • tonypmm
      Joined: 11.01.2009 Posts: 4,881

      Are you, by any chance, friends with Svet Jordanov? He was the only Bulgarian O8 reg I knew (plays mostly MTTs), my big respect goes to him.

      Do you really think O8 hypers are beatable post-rewards? Equity edges and (due to the split-pot nature) ICM effects are so low that it takes so long before any winrate starts showing up :f_biggrin:

      I don't normally play them but when I do, my approach in medium-high blinds is to shove pretty much any high-high-low-low and decent ace-low-low-low (the range depends on stack sizes of course) to pick up blinds and antes from tight players while avoiding being scooped too often. Is it OK or way off? :f_biggrin:
    • Malykzaek
      Joined: 20.07.2010 Posts: 562

      Sadly, I don't know him. Actually the bulgarian players who play 08 are so little count and I know only 1 reg.

      I'm not sure about are they beatable too :D I think the only edge is in the push/fold period. There I see my biggest edge, but you said you play O8, so you know what's the chance to split, where I think my edge is going down...
      Well, we use same strategy I think. I push with any AAxx when effective stack is ~8BB, also A, low, low x, in some cases 234x(x-high)s... something like that. Depends from players, how fishy they are, and also how tight they are.
      Also the big mistakes on the players are that, they play for 2nd place, and then they are ready to push any2. The difference in 1st and 2nd place is big, that's why I play more agressive early with the good hands, to build good stack for attack 1st place, and maybe there's the time when I lose stacks.

      I'll take a break from poker for somedays, because I feel I'm not motivated like before and when I play, I play something like C game. Will give a chance to miss poker again and I'll beat them like never before :D