passed quiz no email no money no nothing?

    • ezcomethezgoeth
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      ok I am new to this site but, I have read everything and I think I understand it pretty well. I passed the quiz and filled out my info exactly according to my full tilt acount. Everything down to the last dot is the same. I have not received an email, money or any response reguarding anything. I spoke to one of my friends he said he received the money in 2 hours and its been over 48 hours. Does anyone have an answer for me?
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    • Chiller3k
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      Hi ezcomethezgoeth,

      I can't check any of your information! Only admins can.
      I can only tell you the most common problems:
      Did you check your emails, maybe you have to send your ID first.
      If you already sent it it can take up to 96 hours until you'll get your 50$.
      Did you also enter all required information in your poker account.
      Are you from the USA (we can't send the money to players from the USA)

      If you still didn't get your bonus after this, please contact our support

      Best regards,