• htghguuh
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      Hello everyone
      I have been playing hold em for about 12 months.
      I play micro games NL, S&G ,small stakes $4 to $5 and tournament mainly free roll.

      I have stopped playing for a while because i am analyzing my play ,i am also looking for a new site too deposited with.Reason for this is that i got bad beat by 3s making quads 4 days in a row ,I dont mind been bad beat but the stats on that too me seem extrodinary.,Beatin my full house off QQQ 33.

      Pot odds is my downfall so i have to really brush up on this.
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    • Lazza61
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      Hey htghguuh,

      Welcome to :)

      If you are looking for another room to deposit on, why don't you check out free poker money offers.

      This way you can check out a room before you deposit to see if it's suitable. This will also give you lifetime bronze status which allows you to post graphs, send PMs, view more strategy and video content and play on a tracked room where you can earn Strategy Points (SPs).

      If you then decide to deposit (check min. deposit for room), you will be upgraded to silver.

      For a full overview of our Status & Points system click here.

      If you have any further questions then fire away. :)