To Zoom or not to zoom?

    • DecMate
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      Hey everyone, my names Declan and i'm just getting back into poker after stopping for a year+.
      I'm jumping straight back into NL25, i used to be break-even playing NL25 Shorthanded Zoom.

      Now, coming back to it i'm going to give full ring a try as i've read up lots of things, people saying that it's much better when it comes to getting raked. And the extra 2BB/100 can be the line between profit/breakeven.

      BUT the question i have is, should i play NL25 Full-Ring Zoom, or just non-zoom normal tables?

      I want:
      You're personal opinion
      What you play
      your stats
      Your BB/hr

      I don't ask for much. :p Thanks guys.
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      Hey Dec,

      I think you'll find that most of our grinders are SH players so this is probably why there has been no response here :(
    • pitabread189
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      I've played both and my answer to you would be to try both and decide which you like better

      Pro's - more hands per hour, you can play short sessions
      Con's - harder game (lower bb/100) and more tiring
      You're personal opinion - I play normal tables because I like to play really long sessions, it helps to play less hands/hr so I don't get tired
      What you play - 100-400nl
      your stats - don't want to say
      Your BB/hr - not sure