finally did it. thx :)

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      well as i said above: i finally made it :D
      after cashing out almost my entire bankroll at the beginning of the year, with the intention to rebuild it playing tourneys only, i reached the 15k$ mark yesterday.
      i´m talking about sngs and mtts only (mostly sng, i only play low limit mtts from time to time and just for fun). rakeback or boni are not included.

      well even if i have to admit that i´m quite proud right now, especially because i was running like shit about 2-3 months ago, the main reason why i opened this thread isn´t that i want to "brag" or something like that.
      i opened this thread because i wanted to thank some guys :)

      first of all thx to because they gave me the starting money and told me almost every thing i know about poker :D
      furthermore thx to:
      - blinzler and cirith for judging all my fl hands
      - trader, nose, tigga, morgoth, chenny, horror, xylere and everybody i forgot for their coachings, videos and hand evaluations
      - special thanks to unam and nick for their awesome coachings, their help when i was down pretty badly and their attendance to have a look at one of my sessions :) (looking forward to this session review btw :) )

      if anybody really read through all this crap: thx for reading through all this crap :P

      2 alltime graphs:

      somehow the ft graph differs from sharkscope... dunno whats wrong there :)
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