Hi mate, my names's Robbie. I was searching through the forum and seen the "where are you from" thread and thereby seen you are from sheffield. I live in sheffield as well (city centre). I was wondering if you play any live poker i could join in with? or if you fancy coming along to the pub games I play. Not sure if you've played before but there is a free poker league, livepubpokerleague.com that I play in. The Cutler on a Tuesday night (city centre), the Devonshire Arms Thursday (ecclesall road) and the springvale Friday (Crooks) all start at 7.30pm.
You've probably seen it advertised, if not played, as well as other pub games (red tooth being the main one). It's a good laugh as well as there being some good prizes available at the 2 monthly final (used to be monthly but changed to give better prizes). I won entry to a £385 buy-in tournament at the Napoleons Casino Hillsborough where I cashed in 7th winning £900. Lots of idiots but good experience and a laugh nonetheless.

Would be nice to meet other players, share stories and advice with online poker games. And ofc a few beers ;) lol