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Playing nuts OOP when you are not the agressor

    • BotiaKiraly
      Joined: 18.03.2009 Posts: 461
      I woke up this morning thinking, that we seldom hear the quote:

      "Why 3b AQ/AJ/QK from the blinds, you beat most of BU-s range, you are turning your hand into a bluff"

      OK, what if we do call(against a better reg):

      :club: if we don't hit we give up I guess

      :club: if we hit a good draw(bdfd+2 overs) I ch-r flop, bet any decent turn, reevaluate on the river(I don't know what you guys think about that, but it seems to work)

      :club: When we hit the nuts or a good hand it is really hard to extract value from them. What would be the best line considering flop and turn(I think it river is easy when and if you you get there):


      All of these lines seem so obvious, most of the time all you get out of them is a flop bet.

      Below what amount of fold to 3b is it better to 3b a villain here?

      AJ+,KQ are good value 3b, and you have initiative postflop which puts them on a guessing game so they can make mistakes
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    • Tomaloc
      Joined: 17.01.2011 Posts: 7,015
      if you don't see many turn bets you can easily c/c your overcards and gutshots and potentially bluff river.
      when i hit nuts i tend to just c/r flop, btn vs blinds you don't get too much credit so just go ahead.

      i dislike 3betting AJ, KQ because imo you are mostly relying on blocker fold equity preflop and when you are actually called it's hard to play postflop oop, if you get action you are most often dominated.
      you can 3bet if you know that villain calls any kind of broadways i guess, then if you hit post mostly go for 2 streets value.