Playing scared?

    • TyKa2716
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      Hey guys,

      My main problem with poker atm is that for some reason I find it hard to play comfortably because of the money involved. Which is strange because I don't really care for the money that much...on a average night out i spend more then i can loose in a week.

      I am currently playing NL5-NL10 with a BR of over 800 dollars lol! I could easily be taking shots at NL25 and I have been playing NL25 some time ago. But even at these stakes I worry about the money involved too much.

      I have a normal I don't have to cashout for living expenses or anything. And IRL I just do whatever I want without really caring bout the money. It's just when it involves poker i start to worry for no good reason really. Does anyone experience the same thing? And how do I solve this? It's really holding me back moving up and improving as a player.
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    • Rihard4a
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      Most likely you are not really scared of losing money, but actually losing the hand. For example, you have AA and you get it in preflop and you start worrying whether it will hold up vs KK, QQ, 72o... w/e.

      The reason why this happens is because you do not think about the decisions, when the quality of your decisions become the most important part of your game you don't care whether you lose a specific hand or not, all that matters is that you did the best you could based on information you hold.

      My 2 cents.

      Grind hard,

    • legand73
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      Hey TyKa2716

      It does seem kinda odd since your bankroll is so huge. I think what Rihard4a said may have something to do with it. Jared Tendlar (The leading psychologist in the poker world) goes into a lot of stuff like this in his book 'The Mental Game of Poker' if you can somehow get your hands on this book or you can check out this thread and maybe other people have had the same problems in which you can learn from their posts and Tendlar's replies. I hope you can improve this mental game leak :)
    • Harrier88
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      You just have to remind yourself that your playing for BB's, not dollars. Easier said than done, I know. I have the same problem to a lesser degree.

      I'd advise you to go take a shot at NL25, and just use stricter rules on BRM than usual, if you feel uncomfortable bringing that much money to the table. You say you have a bankroll of over $800, so maybe you could try playing NL25 until you're down to $750 or so? If you get below that, just continue playing NL5-NL10 like you used to and you should soon be above $800 again for another try.

      If you take a shot, I'm sure you'll get used to the bigger bet and stack sizes in no time.
    • TyKa2716
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      Thanks for the replies guys. And yes what Rihard4a says is true to some extend. When playing a hand I usually think about the worstcase-scenario and am afraid of villain holding the nuts. Still I find it really weird I worry about it since I dont plan on cashing out in the near future anyway so the money should be of no importance.

      I have been thinking about buying "The mental game of Poker" for some time I guess that will be my next step. And hopefully I will be crushing NL25 and up very soon!
    • jackwilder077
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      Hope this program will help you ,if you play on Pokerstars ...

      Converts values of stacks, bet and pot to equivalent value BB ;)