i just hate it!!

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      so iv been playing online for about 2months now yeah slowing making a tiny profit but not losing money which is more important!!. i only play micro stakes 2dollar sit and go,s either 9 or 12man full ring. whats really pissing me off is the people who are calling me with the incorrect pot odds to make there flush or straight draws etc...
      i no there saying o well i was using implied odds but are they, are they??
      so basically i give somebody the incorrect odds to call , they call anyway!,and hit there flush on the turn. good for them!!!
      i check turn, they check back leading me into a trap. i bet river because i have good chance of having best hand and if i dont bet they of course will bet into me.

      so now im thinking everytime i give someone the incorect odds to call and the flush appears on the turn or river i should just give up the hand on the flop because i should assume that they hit there flush and im only giving them there implied odds by betting and trying to take the pot with my reasonable hand.( which would have won)
      basically give up any hand when a flush appears after the flop regardless of giving that person incorrect odds to call in the first place.

      not a happy camper X(
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      So you are basically angry cause other people play bad? Would you rather play only vs good players? ?(


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      Hey, darchvile40,
      We have ALL been there!

      but like Skodljivec points out, you WANT them to call with their flush draws, because over the long term you will make money.

      Part of the problem is that "long term" can mean hundreds of thousands of games.

      Best of luck,
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      Some players will call incorrectly,That is what gives you the EdGE.

      It might be also correct too call like this if you have nothing too loose ,IE if your bankroll is 4 times more than your deposit, So you might loose that particular hand ,but in in the long term you haven't lost anything.

      I have seen this in play plenty ,A good example is if there is a 5 bet on the table its a good pair, IF on the flop it lands with the flush playing against,the pair,the player that has laid the 5 bet will try to make very expensive for the flush draw to keep calling. ?(
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      your 2 months in; its just standard that you get used to it; it gets much worse and you should be prepared because its a fundamental part of the game.

      Play some HU Hypers & get yourself accustomed to variance & bad beats etc.

      Step away from the game when you feel like this & come back when you can enjoy it even when you loose a few stacks.
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      Hey darchvile40

      It's not fun when they do hit their flush or straight, but if they wouldn't call we wouldn't be able to win. You want them to call! Sure if you bet and they fold you have insta profit but you can make much more if they call.

      Also take a look at the times that they called, missed and had to fold on the turn or river. Our mind is something great and we only remember the bad stuff that happened on the tables. There have to be a lot of times that they missed as well and you just can't remember.

      Anyway chin up, keep working on the game and you'll be fine!


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      Also, I can almost guarantee you that they are not calling because they are using implied odds. Most likely, they just have no idea what they're doing.
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      Start to play bad against bad players.