Pre-flop pair+suited A

    • aent4x
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      Hi all,
      My question is how should you play a hand like A :spade: T :heart: T :diamond: 4 :spade: from EP and MP in the lowstakes(PLO5-25).
      Normally a pair with a suited Ace is a good starting hand i think to open raise, but in the lowstakes you get several callers and almost always you can't continue with the hand. Also i don't know if openlimp is a good choise.
      I ask because i lose many bbs with hands like these.

      Thank you.
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    • Skodljivec
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      i think you answered your own question at the end :) I would open AJJ+ suited to the ace. You can even minopen it, hoping to get a mw flop. It's definetly better than limping, and you will often get a mw flop, which is what your are hoping with these hands.