Hi guys I'm back :)

    • samiow
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      After a pretty sick downswing I took a nice holiday and took a big break from poker, Came back on the 7th and noticed I lost my diamond and had been demoted to bronze X( . Been grinding the last week so should have it back soon see you guys all on iPoker, Im grinding .25/.50 PLO name J00CED.
      Good to be back ;)
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    • SoyCD
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      Welcome back samiow :)

      Hope you're doing well on Omaha - just went through a nice 15 stack pitfall myself there.

      Good luck at the tables :D
    • tuktukbkk
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      Hi Samiow!

      Good to hear from you again! Im still too proud for being the one who refer you to pokerstrategy :)

      Can you believe you are still the 1st and only one from my blog who made it 5000 strategypoints? And I have now more than 500 registered... Anyway I hope I can play against you 1 of these days!

      Good luck with your return!

      Best regards,