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    • jeppann
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      Just recently I decided to switch from CG to MTT's because I find it more exciting with MTT's.

      But before I can start playing I would really appreciate some advice from you guys according the choice of site to play on.

      I am concerned that Pokerstars is the biggest host of poker tournaments as I speak but I'm abit skeptical to the big player pools. Do you see this as something good or bad? Considering the player pool is directly related to the prize pool it should not be that big of a problem for a good player, except that the variance might increase a bit?

      With this in mind I've considered as well, which is hosting similar tournaments with smaller player pools. Do you think it would be an option?

      If you have any other advice on sites I would love to hear them!
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    • TJtheTJ
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      Hey jeppann,

      Moved this to our MTT section for you :)

      In my opinion, PokerStars is by far the best site to play MTTs on. It's also easy to avoid overly large fields by using some good game selection if you don't want to play with a couple thousand players.

      For example, you could play 180man SNGs which play very similar to normal MTTs. PokerStars also has CAP tournaments which have for example a player cap of 500 or 1000, which limits variance. And I'm sure there's other options out there too :)

      All in all, even with large fields, I'd strongly recommend PokerStars as your main site for playing MTTs.

      That's just my opinion though!

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      plus they have great mtt series with boosted guarantees: from micro millions to scoop and wcoop.. Definetely the nm1 site for mtts without serious competitors in the field.

      EDIT: forgot to mention that they offer the best VIP freerolls, I don't know anything about your volume or/and av. Bi, however, if you by any chance become supernova VIP you can participate in quarterly 1M $ freeroll, and if I recall good there is every month 100k freeroll for gold+ (gold is relatively easy to achieve).
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      Please, double check these info about their freerolls and MTT promotions because I don't play MTTs regularly (there is a pokerstars section in this forum where you can ask specific questions about these stuff) hope I helped, gl at the tables mate.
    • acerbikas
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      Coming from a micro-to-low stakes grinder's perspective, I can safely assume that pokerstars is riddled with variance and if you want an easier way up, choose Partypoker or Once you've improved on your game, Stars is the way to go. Unless you are a low-to-mid stakes grinder, you will not get much rakeback anyhow, so game selection is a must. But overall, is just too much win to not go there.
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      Pokerstars is best one. + you can transfer your cash instantly to Full Tilt Poker and grinder there either.
    • Asaban
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      I wouldn't suggest Pokerstars for a beginner due to the high variance. would be fine though.

      Most tournament players will mix a lot of different sites into their schedule. Ipoker might also be worth a look.

      If you progress to mid- or even highstakes you will play more and more pokerstars again because they have the best tournaments in this buyin range.

      However, for beginners I wouldn't suggest big field tournaments. If you insist on playing Pokerstars I would recommend checking the MTSNG section (90men and 180men Turbo's).