Diamond is outdated

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    • ThatGuyMatt
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      You're not allowed to say it's outdated without providing some useful suggestions on how it improve it :D

      What is we gave it some little legs with a bow tie and turned it into a .gif so it count run around in circles?

      Maybe good old Del Boy?

    • SvenBe
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      Hi Ragney,

      you are right to have some critics on the Diamond status,

      in the past few weeks we haven't been living up to our standards when it comes to publishing diamond content. Unfortunately most of our diamond-producers are so successful at Poker that they allowed themselves some long christmas vacation. Give on top that we only want to bring you perfect videos, we had to reject a couple of videos with some issues.
      On the other hand, of course the Platinum content of the past weeks also is very valuable and you shouldn't neglect it!

      Going forward, we have some stuff in the pipeline. Amongst those will be one piece of NL1k and some new producer. Probably Pleno1 can tell you more!

    • pleno1
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      Hey Ragney

      I am not sure what you mean about graphically improved? I often thought about potential avartars for the forum, it shouldnt be too hard to implement and for the biggest poker forum in the world it would be nice for it to be a little bit more modern.

      In terms of education we were really happy to end the year with the bootcamp that lots and lots of diamonds took part in very actively. We had 8 videos, lots of discussion and seminars too and was a really great way to celerbrate 2013.

      In terms of 2014 we are setting very high standards, we actually as Sven said didnt release too many videos in the first two weeks, standard vacation stuff for the top producers, but also we requested producers to re-do videos to make sure the standard is very high.

      Ways that we will improve diamond videos this year

      1- Continue to ask our popular producers to make regular content (uri peleg, oblioo, lnternet, pleno1 etc)

      2- Get older coaches to make content (MBML who crushed 2013 will now be making a bunch of new videos)

      3- Hire new coaches (we are in talks with a bunch of new coaches to start making content)

      4- Dub videos from our other languages (we are now looking at dubbing videos from other languages into English starting with some high stakes PLO French footage)

      In terms of promotions such as Gemstones or the VIP tour I really couldnt comment, but sure a VIP associate or Marta would comment on that.
    • TetraQuark
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      I think ragney was talking just about avatar guys. Maybe someone can create some newage outofscreenpopping 3d avatar or smth. :s_cool:
    • SvenBe
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      yeah TetraQuark,

      i realize that now,too. I shouldn't maybe start replying after getting up in the morning.
      Anyways, what both Patrick and me said is true :-)
    • ragney
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      Originally posted by TetraQuark
      I think ragney was talking just about avatar guys. Maybe someone can create some newage outofscreenpopping 3d avatar or smth. :s_cool:
      Yeah just the avatar guys lol. Was semi trolling that day but it was my first month diamond and kinda felt the avatar wasn't that great :P
      And yes! Animated 3d diamond gif avatar sounds like a good start :D

      Gonna finish college very soon, probably gonna go as a poker pro for this year - so every month I'm gonna be diamond but the avatar looks like windows95 :D

      Since some replies were much more detailed than they should have been. My thoughts on the diamond content: Its hard to say if its good or bad. As a diamond player (usually somewhat succesful at poker) its the players job to keep his game/shape up to date. If pokerstrategy can help the players thats great but I understand that the best players don't want to reveal "everything". I don't blame for them. Nowadays alot of people study with groups/coach to improve their game (at least at my games). The only content that I'm happy with is the mental/productivity content as those are somewhat my problems (my current mental/productivity 'game' is solid but I always seek improvement).
    • tonypmm
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      Though OP didn't mean it, the staff do understand that the Diamond status is not as lucrative as it's supposed to be and high volume players deserve competent incentives, don't they? (And most of them want rather more cash than more coaching, don't forget that not only should members with low statuses be urged to rake more, but they should be prevented from handing this increased rake to someone else :s_evil: ) SvenBe couldn't help commenting on that because 'an uneasy conscience is like a hair in the mouth' (Mark Twain)