Existing Hand Import

    • Frannie1969
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      Hi All,

      I started to use the Hold'em Manager (trial version) and I come across the following.
      Due the fact that I haven't got a hand history I don't have much information about the players I played against.
      For me this means, I would need to play thousands of hands on multiple tables to record these and to build a databse with information about my opponents within 30 days (unfortunately it took me also 3 days before I got this program to work) before I can take advantage of this program.
      Also...it takes quite some time before you have learned (well) to read the stats in the right way quick enough to make a decision on these stats (it's not that you get a unlimitted amount of time at the table) so I was wondering.

      Is it possible to download somewhere already recorded stats from players that could be imported in the database?


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