Hey all new here want to say hi and looking for small help

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      Hi all bit about myself i have played FLHE for the past 6 years self taught couple of books along the way, stakes 1-2 through 10-20 i have had numerous accounts and have always gone with the deal of the moment basically playing for cake, any way as the name suggests time to now get serious, i use to use hm years ago to track but found i was ok without it, i have just started using again to track my BB100 and leaks! my aim is to do as close to 1 mil hands this year from 1-2 3-6 and if i can improve enough have a shot at sne next year! i feel my pre and post are solid in most spots but after 10k hands last few days just over 1BB100 at 1-2-4 in hm i no not even close to realistic yet but i feel i may be leaking in bb pre, hoping to meet like minded people here and hopefully be pointed in the right direction i think i will do a thread on my journey and progress at some point, for now gl all. :)
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