HEM/PT Analysis: Top pair w weak kicker/no draw

    • Trommelboy
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      Plugging out your HEM db can really offer interesting things. Me and a friend were doing this together and we found out that our holdings with TP weak kicker/ no draws are really terrible. On showdown AND on non-showdown.

      Yes, you can run under EV in a couple of situations but this doesn't really matter because the results are absolutely horrible.
      We both run +- 125bb/100 in these situations.

      Is this also the case for you guys or is this a major, major leak?
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    • SPeedFANat1c
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      Is this also the case for you guys or is this a major, major leak?

      what do you mean? 125 bb/100 in those situations is very little?
    • ProfitsofDoom
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      if you look in your db at your hands that win at showdown. usually most one pair hands, aren't dong so well. i'm showing a positive with Top pair, and TPTK. but all of the other one pair hands aren't good.

      I think you just want to make sure you aren't over playing them.

      Right now looking in Leakbuster, one of my biggest issues is calling flop raises with hands like TP, and then getting into trouble on later streets. or just check/calling instead of betting it myself, etc. And in general just not folding enough.