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Mindset ideas.

    • Anger86
      Joined: 17.08.2008 Posts: 511
      I had an idea, which helped me to fight with my tilt issues and I thought
      I could spare it with you. Maybe you will have something to add as well. ;)

      Poker community often times try to think as being in 10% of the top in
      stakes they are playing. That's called egoism and we all have it no matter,
      what we say, because "we are", "we exist".

      We call others fish, donkey, whale, idiot, bad player, etc. To add to this,
      we also mark players on our tables with some kind of color, which screams ... FISH.

      Then comes the interesting part, where we might just let our feelings take
      control over our game. For me it's like, I know he is "that purple colored
      player", he is so bad and that adds so badly into coloring too many
      people whit that color. Without many reads, etc.

      So, the way it started to help me was to admit, that I'm a bad player
      as well, but I do have different leaks. We all have dirty spots in our
      game and the guy on our right has them as well. The trick is to know
      both, where do we both play badly.

      Now, whenever I see a player, who has some significant leaks,
      he is just a player, who need a serious work on his game. That's it!

      For me, fish swim in the ocean, however there are bad players at poker
      tables, who need to improve.

      This is all based on my own experience. If you have something to add, please.

      Have fun at the tables! ;)
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    • Frannie1969
      Joined: 11.12.2013 Posts: 21
      Great perspective! :D
      Joined: 30.12.2010 Posts: 3,107
      Oh, so 5 years ago when I joined $50/$100 CAP with my last few K's, and when everybody at the table started chating with me and asking me to play HU, they actually marked me as fish and wanted easy few K's? All these years I believed they liked my style and wanted to learn with me individually playing HU:) :)

      Just kidding (I mean it really happened) Nice post mate, it's not enough to spot other's leaks; you need to fix yours too