bb/100 for mtsngs: Relevant?

    • alphabeat
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      Hello PS!

      I'm a marginally winning MTSNG player, and chanced upon something interesting.

      My bb/100 over the course of the last few months is about 2.5 bb/100, and evbb/100 is about 4bb/100.

      Could other sng/mtt players let me know what your numbers for this statistic are? I would like to know if a strong winning player would have a significantly higher number here, and if it is possible for this num to be negative for a winning player/positive for a losing player

      Let me know!

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      Hey alphabeat,

      I've moved your thread to the relevant forum :)

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    • Lazza61
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      Hey alphabeat,

      BBs/100 as a win rate indicator is only suitable for cash games imo.

      The reason for this is that MTTS and SnGs have rising blind structures.


      You play 2 games. Ist game you go allin first hand and lose 75BBs. This is an effective rate of 7,500BBs/100 hands. Unlike a cash game (where you can reload) these BBs can never be recovered.

      It will take a significant amount of winning to even get close to bringing that amount back to even by which time you would be the greatest winner on the planet.

      Hopefully someone else will be able to shine more light on it.


    • Asaban
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      Lazza already stated the most important facts. I would just like to add, that this problems persist for a few other stats as well. Most of them are used in cashgames to get information on the own run. For example the $ (EV adjusted) as well as Chips (EV adjusted) stats.

      The only stat that might be valid as a weak indicator of your current performance is BB (EV adjusted) imo. But even then you won't get an exact picture.

      If you want to look for leaks you should definitly check your standard stats (VPIP/PFR/3bet) since these are most likely the only ones with a sufficient samplesize and a solid foundation. Furthermore I would suggest posting some hands in our hand evaluation forums in order to get feedback on your plays.

      If you have any further questions feel free to ask!