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      Originally posted by YohanN7
      What does BB/100 stand for in the PT4 application?

      I know what it usually means in Fixed Limit lingo. It is Big Bets per 100 hands. The tool tip in PT4 says it is big blinds per 100 hands, i.e. bb/100 in FL lingo.

      People (at least FL players) seem to understand BB/100 in PT4 as big bets (twice the big blind).
      This is confirmed here:

      The tool tip is probably wrong. (This has caused me much confusion about winrate, performance in blinds, etc. ?( :f_confused: ?( )
      BB/100 is interchangeable in PT4, when you are playing limit games it means Big Bets per 100 hands, when you are playing big bet games it means Big Blinds per 100 hands.