• ellav10
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      how can i play in higher buy in tournaments??
      i already reach 450LP loyalty points in 24H

      i think i already had a raked 7euro..

      hope you can asnwer my question.. thanks..

      and i also want to ask is it really tru 1euro rake is 4 strategy points??
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    • Lazza61
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      Hey ellav10,

      I would send an email to support. You only need to rake 95 points to clear the 7 euro.

      I signed up recently but I also deposited and it took a week before the BR restrictions were lifted.

      Yes 1 euro rake is equal to 4 SPs. And don't forget for everyday you earn 1 SP (or .25ec rake) we will give you 10 bonus SPs allowing you to reach higher status much more quickly and easier.

      Keep us updated