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A gringo's fixed limit adventure.

    • TiltedGringo
      Joined: 23.08.2008 Posts: 18
      Like many other fish my first exposure to poker was watching the WSOP a couple of years ago. I instantly fell in love with the idea of winning millions by playing a game that looked so simple on TV.

      A couple of months later I found myself in Vegas on a business trip to the US. I was wandering around the casino at the Mandalay Bay, and found myself drawn toward the poker room by this wonderful sound of poker chips constantly clicking (you all know the sound I am talking about).

      I sat down at $1/2 NL table and started playing with $200, I started by playing real tight, but by the fourth or fifth tequila (I don't remember which one exactly) my game really started to loosen up. I was playing just like they taught me on TV, and it was working. I was making stupid calls and was sucking out on everyone, and pretty soon had like $2400 sitting infront of me. Unfortunately for me that was the way I thought poker was supposed to be played.

      When I got back home I opened an account online and started playing that same loose style that did so well in Vegas, but quickly learned (lost several deposits) that was not the right way to play long term.

      But by now (6 months ago) I was hooked and wanted to learn how to play, I wanted to get serious. So I started reading everything I could get my hands on and started to incorporate different ideas into my play which had gotten much tighter, but the only difference at this point is that I was loosing money at a much slower pace than before. That is until I found

      I want to take a moment and thank PokerStrategy, I really feel you have changed my game and I am no longer reloading my accounts once or twice a week. Infact I have not reloaded in almost two months since I started playing with your strategies.

      Long story short, I have decided to start this blog to help me focus my thoughts and concentrated on becoming a better player. I have been tinkering with the Limit, SSS, BSS, and SNG strategies and decided that instead of bouncing around strategies that I would focus on one game for an extended period of time. I have decided that I am going to start with Fixed Limit holdem.

      I am starting with $1/2 FL at PokerStars, My wife has given me a small $50 a week poker budget and since I have not been loosing the last couple of months I was able to bring my bankroll up to the proper level of $600 to start on $1/2 FL. I also decided to step up because I felt like I was not concentrating on the games at the lower levels as much because I was playing with cents instead of dollars.

      I have also decided that I am going to start on a more controlled and regular schedule, before I would play at random times of the day and not spend anytime with post play study which I now understand the importance of.

      For now I am going to play only one table for 1 hour every night (while my wife is watching her soaps). Then I will spend 20-30 minutes on post play study. I want to stick to only one table until I am comfortable playing without the SHC and looking up stuff on the web.

      I feel that if I can stick to this schedule then I can improve my game much faster than if I was to try to 8-table it for 6 hours at a time while trying to look at the SHC everytime I think I have a hand. It might be slower earning this way but I think better in the long term. I am also going to make posts to this blog after each session to keep track of my progress and to keep track of the links to any hands that I post.

      Now it is time to start my adventure.
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