Properly analyzing rivers

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      So, I've been lately working a lot with different ways to analyze my play. Of course I won't go much longer than analyzing river play (at least here).

      My main problem is how to play with the actual ranges people do have on the river. So I have a (quite rudimentary) approach to these.

      We have two players, each with his range, R1 and R2. We say that 1 bets for value with hands that have more than 50 or 66% equity against R2, which gives us the range R1_value. We make R1_bluff such that its number of combos is properly scaled with the number of combos R1_value has, such that: #R1_bluff = alpha * #R1_value. Upon this range R1_value, we find the combos that have 50 or 66% equity against it, and we get R2_value, with which we get R2_bluff such that: #R1_bluff = alpha2 * #R2_value.

      Yeah, obviously I'm missing a bit of info, like the x-r range of player 1 (which I am not considering). But mostly I've been studying GTO play and I realized that it's quite easy to relate our values with our bluff ranges given the pot, but raising for value looks like quite a complicated topic, and that's where the asymmetry of the ranges kicks in (let me know if you think any other important change that this could generate, like checking-to-the-raiser etc).

      I've read also in Mathematics of Poker that when we are facing a very strong range, we can safely overfold, since the opponent range doesn't have enough bluffs.

      So, bottom line, my question is:

      Given you have indefinite time and all the usual poker software (please don't say you have access to Polaris source code :D ), what would you do in order to analyze a one-street poker game (i. e. river) beyond the [0,1] symmetrical model.
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