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Is my range too tight? (Fullring NL10)

    • Berzerekki
      Joined: 21.12.2012 Posts: 172
      Hi all!

      I recently won +$200 in sunday storm tournament and i was up to over $460 to my bankroll. :f_biggrin: I advanced to next level for my cash games. NL10 (40 buy-ins deep).

      I've managed to fold certain hands like AKo-AJo and even JJ/QQ against nitty players (VPIP:8-14 PRF:7-10 3-BET:2,0-5,0). Assuming their ranges against mine is much more tighter when 3-bet/3-bet all-in shove.

      Am i losing value in these situations. Is it profitable to muck QQ for 3-bet/(or even 4-bet) multiway pot? Is it possible that they are shoving AK-AJ/77+ kinds of hands in these stakes?

      For example,
      Yesterday i 3-bet QQ against pretty TAG player. He called and flop was something like K34 rainbow, i bet 2/3 pot and instantly he goes all in. I assumed he had a King in his hand or even KK, but it didn't make any sense, that he would shove over 4x much bigger bet with that kind of monster, so i think he had a somekind of draw or big pair.

      Turn was 6 and river was A
      He showed 25s hand and won with a straight

      Well, it can always be a missclick or something else. But the point is, that even tight players can 3-bet with a hand like that..
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    • VorpalF2F
      Super Moderator
      Super Moderator
      Joined: 02.09.2010 Posts: 10,715
      Hi, Berzerekki,
      Yeah, it seems extreme for a semi-bluff, doesn;t it?
      You don't say what your positions were, but if he open raised this, I'm guessing he was BTN and you were in the blinds. He was expecting folds, and on your 3Bet, he realized that the only way to save his hand was to get fancy.
      The play he did is called a stop-and-go -- call pre and jam flop. He wins two ways -- you fold or he sucks out.

      I'm not saying what he did was good play. But it does make sense in some manner.

      Your ranges as stated look more-or-less OK for FR. They might be a bit on the tight side, but that might suit your style.

      Have a look at The 8 Player Types - How to Get Their Money. IMO it's one of the best articles for new players.

      Also, if you haven't already, go through the 8 beginner's course lessons here:
      (in the basic section)

      Edit: Just to be sure, you are playing BSS, and buying in for 100 BB, right?
      If not, then those stats of yours might not be so OK after all.

      Best of luck,