A beginner's queries reg SSS

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      Hi everyone,

      I am new to pokerstrategy.com. I have played on and off for a few months online. I made little profit playing with big stack at various sites. The problem I faced with big stack was, I win big and I lose big. And when I lose, I tilt, stop playing for few days so that I don't lose money further, transfer money to another site and keep playing damn conservatively till I lose again. The process keeps happening. So I was thinking to start seriously with a simple strategy that is easy to stick on, doesn't need much thinking post flop and minimizes loss. I read the SSS strategy articles here. I play on 888 currently. I have few queries:

      1. How important is table selection? I read in some article that 35% pre flop %age is needed. But most tables in 888 fall near 25 - 30%. Is that ok? And how important is average pot size while selecting table?

      2. Also, I have noticed that I will have to fold continuously for almost 2 - 3 rounds before I make my first move. And all players fold when I raise. I guess they think I am a nit. Should keep jumping tables every 2 rounds or shall I just at a table as long as the table is good?

      3. And lastly, I have read that SSS is obsolete. Can I still play SSS? I plan to play SSS for a month or so and see if I can build my bankroll and also my confidence. Then I intend to learn MSS or climb stakes with SSS. Is that ok? Are there currently any serious player playing SSS successfully?

      4. Also I have noticed that I win consistently when I play very conservatively. Somehow, I lose track after sometime and dont play conservatively anymore and lose money and tilt. I stop playing in time not to lose much of my profits. Is SSS ok for me or should I continue BSS?

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