Calculating Correct Stealing Ranges

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      Calculating Correct Stealing Ranges?

      The little I do know/have assumed:
      I min-open the Button -
      I need a steal success rate of 57% to 'print le dolla.'

      Expected Button steal success rate = SB (fold to But steal) x BB (fold to But steal)

      If SBxBB fold to BUT steal % = more then 57% then it is not incorrect to open any two.

      However, I am not sure how to intemperate this information to define what is the mathematically optimal steal % in any given situation.

      My thought process thus far seems to be - 'wow, they fold loads to steal, I guess I can open a "wide range," and open as many hands as I feel comfortable playing post flop IP.

      If there is a simple calculation that I am yet to come across, or, am too daft to work out, that calculates an optimal range I appreciate anyone offering feedback.

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