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HM2 $EV Diff? what is it?

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    • e306
      Joined: 31.01.2007 Posts: 847
      $EV Diff
    • Alan883
      Joined: 03.12.2008 Posts: 1,941
      Hello magicius,

      quoted text is copied form HoldemManager site and it answers your question.

      EV $ Diff (found in the Hands Tab)

      This is calculated by taking your equity% of the total pot when you go all in and comparing that to what you actually won. So let's say I go all in with AA on an Axx flush draw flop against a flush draw. I'm 80.5% to win with my set in a $400 pot.

      80.5% x $400 = $322 so what it's saying is on average that I should win approximately $322 on average when I go all in with a set of Aces here vs. his flush draw.

      If I win, I would win $400, so I've won $78 more than I would on average i.e running good/okay.

      If I lose, I win $0, so I'm running $322 worse off than I would on average so im running bad.

      EV $ Diff is displayed as minus when you win more than you should and a + sign when you lose more than you would with average luck. So in the examples above, when I lost with AA as a big favorite, my EV $ Diff would be displayed as +$322.

      This is calculated by taking the actual amount won and either deducting or adding the amount you would have won with average luck.

      Good luck.
    • magicius
      Joined: 15.10.2013 Posts: 20
      thanks for clarification

      had hand QQ and hit a set on flop so went all in,got 2 callers (flushdraw board) won a lot but it says -EV so i though to check with you guys :)