Flops, or transforming 22k into a handful

    • JLeitmotiv
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      So, I have been lately working on range awareness. I'll give you an example: we open raise from the BU (let's say ~52%) and the flop comes:

      A T 5

      Out of our ~580 combos, we have:

      value hands:
      9 sets (1.6%)
      18 twopair (3.1%)
      120 TP (21%)
      66 2nd pair (11.4%)

      28 flushdraws (4.9%)
      48 gusthost (8.3%)

      So we have here about 76 bluffs and 213 value hands, and about 60% equity vs a random hand. I want to be able to do this roughly on the tables.

      My goal here would be trying to learn this, and I've been thinking on this method:

      • for a given range, consider a handful of possible flops [say, up to 7, one per finger (!!)].

      • for those flops, note how many value combos I have, how many draws combo I have and the equity against a random holding (just for the sake of it, to see how "well" a board hits my range).

      • in a real situation, keep in mind the numbers I had seen earlier and adjust them slightly

      so my questions would be:

      1. do you think this will be helpful? I admit it might not, but I had just thought about it the other day and I didn't dislike it that much to be honest [it looks like it's going to take some work nevertheless].

      2. what flops (I mean, actual CARDS) would you choose for this? that's what I find hard to think of now.
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    • YohanN7
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      1. Yes
      2. Dry flop, fairly dry, medium, whet, scary. Shaken, not stirred.

      The equity trainer in Equilab isn't too shabby either. Could be a complementary approach to grind it 10 min/day.