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    • Michael2345
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      Hey, I play 1 table sit n gos and was wondering what stats I should use when playing? I'm thinking something like VPIP, number of hands, PFR, Aggression. I think button and sb open raising percentages become very important in late game as well. Also, restealing ranges especially from late position. Could someone please help me to understand how I should be adjusting based on these stats while I'm playing. Like what kinds of things should I be looking for with the HUD and how do you adjust based off of that info. Pretty tough question I guess but I don't see a lot of info on this anywhere and it should be pretty important to know. Thanks.
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    • kurrkabin
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      Hi Michael2345!

      I will personally like:

      VPIP/PFR/STEAL/3bet/3bet vs hero/4bet-first line
      agg. f/cbet/fcbet/PFR SB first in, PFR SB first in 15-25bb, PFR BTN first in 15-25bb-second line
      number hands/number of bb

      Maybe I missed something, but those were the ones I used up until 3 months ago when I was playing 6-max full time.

      As for the hud-use the stats, they are quite helpful to get a general idea of what type a certain player is. However, especially vs regs-game flow and other reads can easily take over the stats, so you should focus more on that.

      Vs fishes, you get a good general idea of how ppl are. F.e. if u somebody 15/2/4% 3bet, then it's obvious the guy is a passive fish, give him a lot of credit when he raises pre or 3bets ot shows consistent aggression postflop.

      If someone is not folding a lot of cbets, you need to see whether he folds on double/tripple barrels(could be very profitable) or you should just cut off the bluffs, cbet just dry good boards and value bet much thinner for value-like second pair no kicker(if the guy f.e. calls down Ax or third/fourth pairs).

      All in all, it comes with experience, so don't try to overwhelm yourself too much with stats, give it some time and always aim to improve.
    • Megalodon1988
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      I would add resteal stats too