[NL2-NL10] JJ, A on flop, advice?

    • dandycal
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      Table with unkown players.

      Pocket pair: J :spade: J :heart:

      I bet 0,50 pre-flop (4X BB + 1 limper), 1 caller

      Flop: 3 :spade: , 8 :heart: , A :spade:

      I know that the basic strategy tells me to fold, as I don't have a top pair.

      Though shouldn't I post a continuation bet in this case?

      Game continued thus:
      I bet 0,60 and got a call again.

      Turn: 4 :spade: (now there is a possible flush on the table)

      Still I pushed all in, got a call and River came with J :diamond:

      I beat the caller's A :diamond: + J :spade:

      By sheer luck though, as for the most time he had top pair.
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    • brian997
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      I would have checked the flop. Then if he bet, fold.
    • TheBrood
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      Please read the info on how to post hands. Cant help you without stack sizes.
    • Semesa
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      guessing you are BSSing so you are both probably full stacked.

      continuation bet the flop
      check/fold the turn
      if he checked the turn, value bet the river after you hit your jack.

      he will most likely raise you on the river with 2 pair, you can shove here and he may call.
    • srohack
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      when converting the hand post more info about it like stack sizes and reads
      standard i would bet fold on that fold against unknown.
      if i get called i check/fold turn usualy and check/call against opponents i know that float alot but at nl10 the first variant is better