suggestions please :P

    • jmackenzie
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      I cashed out just under $1k a few weeks ago leaving just over $200 to play with on ipoker.

      Started playing $5sng's and ended up titlting even though I was up 1 or two buy ins, and went to the roulette wheel for the first time ever. Ended losing it all on the blasted thing. (Never playing that again thats forsure.)

      Anyways I got the rakeback for the week of $20 and am not sure what to do with the cash. I still want to play poker but am not sure what to play, I have quite alot of free time to play and dont mind grinding, but am not sure if i will tilt again as I did just a week ago.

      Ive played sss up to nl 200 with positive winrates and a few sng's up to $22 with a positive roi.

      Would like to hear other peoples experiences with poker and money and also any advice that you have.
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    • fun101rockets
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      A similar thing happened to me a few months ago.
      I had $160 in my BR. I lost a few Bi and tilted. Tilt as well as very bad brm and my BR was $6. I grinded SnGs and Mtts and now my BR is $1350. I will never chase my losses/ tilt again. Another thing that helps is recording EVERY SnG/ Mtt that u play.
      Also for SnG: 60 Bi minimum