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Revenge is sweet.

    • Itsnevereasy
      Joined: 08.08.2010 Posts: 381
      Hello everyone,

      I am thinking of a way I can have some kind of revenge on my gf's Boss. Basically he is a walking sociopath who runs a sales company with 10 female employees. Their working day is supposed to be a maximum of 10 hours per day, but they regularly work 12 hours and sometimes 15-16. My gf has come back home at 3 am on multiple occasions. She has tried talking to him on multiple occasions but he remains unresponsive and kept bullshitting himself out. I also had a meeting with him...Without going into too much detail - he's the worst person I have ever met in my whole life. I just wonder how someone who exploits and manipulates 10 naive girls and makes them work crazy hours like that can live with himself. He lives in his own little world too, where he is the nicest person and everyone else is lazy, unorganized etc. For example he once only gave a new huge tasks to his employees at 10 pm and then blamed them for staying at work till 2 am.

      2 days ago I came to work and just took my gf from work. I've had enough. I didn't care that her work was not done, etc. The boss was not in the office. The next day he talked to my gf at work and basically fired her. For me/us its a good thing because he will have to pay gratuities, etc.

      However, I feel like there is something else I should do. I feel sorry for the other girls in the company, they are weak and unable to stand up for their own rights (although they all support and agree with me). The only thing I could think of so far was to give all the girls a small piece of chocolate for Valentine's with a note saying 'you're better than this - look for another job'.

      If anyone has any other ideas (nothing illegal please), suggestions or posts please let me know.
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