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    • bero98
      Joined: 12.08.2008 Posts: 12
      Ok, so i got a question for everyone who has withdrawed their money from some poker much money do you withdraw??

      I know its a silly question, but i wondered when/if i withdraw from my poker account some money, how much should i withdraw? Enough to continue to play on the same limits or to move down the limits?

      So im asking all the players who withdrawed their money, what is the correct amount?
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    • Chiller3k
      Joined: 16.06.2007 Posts: 4,326
      Hi bero98,

      I barely withdraw money... But I think withdrawing money on the micro limits is pretty senseless since it takes you way too long to win that money back again.
      And you need it to move up in the limits. You can think about withdrawing some of your money as soon as you still make enough money per month even if you withdraw some bigger amounts.
      I mean why would you want to withdraw 40$ while playing NL10 if you could use it to move up to NL25 and then cash out like 100$ just a few weeks later and still have enough money to play Nl25.

      Best regards,
    • Velak
      Joined: 19.04.2008 Posts: 542
      I'm not sure there is a 'correct' amount. Maybe I'm misunderstanding your question. It's your money. Do with it what you will.

      Do you mean, like.. you want to occasionally pull out profits and keep building with the rest?

      I think this is a personal decision. Personally.. I play with a lot more buyins for my level than the articles here recommend. That way, little downswings have no effect on me, and also if I want to take money out of my poker account for poker related purposes (like buying PT3, or my library of poker books) then I can do that.

      I personally would make sure to keep enough in it to allow you to keep playing at the level you want to play at. (I play at NL50, I wouldn't take out so much that I would be uncomfortable with my NL50 roll).

      But.. again, it's a pretty personal thing. So long as you have a solid BRM plan, you should be in good shape.
    • miskokvo
      Joined: 28.03.2008 Posts: 1,502
      if u playing SNG i advise u to have always at least 50Buy ins (+-15)
      im not cash game player but to have 20 maximum buy in at limit u play is probably nice (big stack strategy) 40 (medium stack) more 100 SSS

      u should be avere of BRM.. there is no specific number becouse for one player can be 500$ pocket money and for antoher is 6 month of hard working to built BR
    • opal99
      Joined: 05.02.2008 Posts: 8,270
      I'm withdrawing regularly the amount based on number of played hands last week (eg. $30 for every 1000 hands)... Anyway; I would never withdraw so much money I'd be forced to move down in limits.
    • AquamanBT
      Joined: 03.07.2008 Posts: 338
      My wife is asking me that exact question. Although I haven't cashed out yet, I plan to do it when I hit big in a tourney. I almost exclusively play sng's, but occasionally I play MTTs with larger fields, just in case. When I get the opportunity to cash a nice amount, say $5k, I'll probably cash out $3k and use the rest to move up in buy-in levels. It's still a long way until my BR lets me play these kind of tourneys, but I just did that to jump up from $1 sng's to $5 sng's.
    • miskokvo
      Joined: 28.03.2008 Posts: 1,502
      MTT building is very very hard and u must get very very VERY lucky to win ... for example if u win 20k guaranted 5$ rebuy with field of 1500pleyer u won 3,5K ... 3,5k$ took sombody (sng players,cash game players) makin more than 5months (low stakes- building BR from 50$)

      so if u loose in 200tourney in row and win one of them u are in pretty sick profit of 2500$

      it is very nice to win big mtt but as i said it takes a lot of luck.... i played maybe 60 of them field of 1k and more only one time :D bad for me it was just 80$ freerol at Ipoker when i was waiting to TAF Money :D 15$ in cash :D :D

      i made 3-4 final tables :) and im very praud of it :D but 3times was 1K freerol for invate players so i win maybe 80$