BSS starting hand chart question

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    • redskwerl
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      Originally posted by Tuuletallaja
      Why does the chart say, that u can limp behind in middle position with KQs, KJs, QTs and so on, but have to fold AQs, AJs, what's the idea behind that?
      wow, I was sceptical first, but i just looked it up and you're right. lol

      imo raising a typical limper with AQ-AJ from MP is perfectly fine. i'd probably raise KQs too
    • alejandrosh
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      KJs > AQ of course.

      i don't get it actually, why folding AQ to a limper and limp behind KJs ?(
    • Jumbles
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      Limping with these hands is obviously bad as you're usually looking for top pair, yet entering a multiway pot.

      Does not compute.

      KQs - J10s, as high suited connectors, play better in multiway pots as they can flop huge.

      Edit: I'm sure they don't want you raising these hands on the beginners SHC because they want to keep it as a chart, not a book :P

      For simplicity's sake, positions and cards are grouped fairly wide.

      That's my take on it, anyway.
    • Tuuletallaja
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      administrators and others, what say you?
    • delete461
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      In that situation I just play suited AT+ as suited face cards, as you say it makes no sense to fold them when it is fine to call behind with lesser cards
    • Kellerlanplayer
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      I think the main aspect is for the beginner. If you limp these cards you can only play with the nuts^^

      And if you play AQs in a multiway pot and hit the Ace, beginners overplayed these cards.
      Anytime you must throw the chart and play poker with other ideas^^