Good evening,

Ive been a long time member on this site, without much activity, so i think its time i did myself a challenge, i always seem to do a challenge each year, and i tend to follow through with them an win a nice profit, my last two challenges wich were last year was a 45man turbo challenge, and a HU hyper turbo PLO challenge, both had good returns, there,s always been one game that i have never ever been profitable at, and thats NL cash games.

Hence here is were my challenge will begin, i confess - i,am a terrible cash game player, i have good knowledge of starting hands and player types, and use HUDS to good affect, my problem is laying hands down when i know i,am beat, i suffer from the micro game affect * my AA * cant lose!!!

I have been very inspired by 2 blogs on here, hansthegreat,s blog and xlfixx,s blog as well - i have watched all there vids and i feel i have learnt alot, or i hope i have!!

So i,am going to do a simular challenge to those, starting at 2nl and seeing were it takes me, i never say i,am going to win X amount in a challenge, because it puts a little extra pressure on yourself, a positive return is all i need.

I dont play on the bigger sites, i feel there,s easier money elsewere, and this has had its benefits i believe.

I,ll try and update twice a week and hopefully i can make a few friends along the way.

All the best Shane.