Which is better: Elephant vs Pokertracker

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    • straddler71
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      You get elephant for free and I think pokertracker costs around $90 to purchase a license. Is the cost really worth it for pokertracker? Really depends on preference I guess.
    • RavForenzo
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      elephant is still very buggy i find, where as PT3 is pretty much the polished article, plus you can deal with SNG's on there too etc whereas currently Elephant doesn't..

      But maybe as part of the forum its our duty to plug along with elephant and help test it! hehe
    • flint87
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      Personally I was dissapointed with the way that pokerstrategy stopped giving out the pokertracker licences so early as elephant is still some ways away from what pokertracker is.

      For the moment I will use pokertracker 3. Once Elephant gets to a good version or supports Omaha I will start to use it.
    • hunt32
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    • luxdelux
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      Pokertracker for tournies
    • miskokvo
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      i prefer to play with PT3 ... i dont find out how to mange HUD options at elephant and im sng player so elephant is worthless for me right now ... but i will wait

      I realy enjoing PT3 hud coz u can make it by yourself ... color,size etc and has 2 different huds with cash game and for tourneys...

      but im missing one function on PT3 ... it is unable to make SNG profit graphs and there can be little problem when u have databese of 3k sng with low RAM memory coz somtimes u must restart PT3 coz it frozen
    • erptech
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      PT3, because it crashes less often than Elephant.
    • Hlynkinn
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      Elephant doesn't support omaha nor tourneys and sng's... So I can't really use it :(
    • TheBrood
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      Elephant is great for a beginning player at cash tables who likes to post his hands for analysis somewhere (like a forum). IMO its easy to use once you get through the installation process (explained in detail on Elephant forum)
      Problems/Bugs are fixed pretty fast and its free! I fully recommend this powerful tool since it saves you a lot of $ (you have a good idea when to fold depending on stats of villain) and makes you a lot of $ (indicates if villain is a station and you should keep betting strong into him)
      Im guessing I win at least 50% more $ when using Elephant.

      Most common things that I use Elephant for:
      - Tells me how opponents play.
      - Tells me table stats like V$IP and WTS (table I'm sitting at).
      - Tells me if I'm having a winning session that day or losing.
      - Tells me if I'm winning or losing with certain hands. Fix those leaks!
      - Tells me if I'm winning or losing on certain limits.
      - I copy a given hand with a click of a button and can post it practically anywhere for analysis. I decide what info to post.
      - Tells me how I'm playing (I though I was TAG, but I am LAG lol).
      - Tells me how my career is going by way of graphs.
      - Tells me my BB/100 stat (per limit if needed). I thought I wasn't winning enough $, turns out I was doing great (18 BB/100), which is a morale boost =)
      - Tells me how many hands I have played on a certain day.

      I tried PT ages ago before finding PS and couldnt make heads or tails of it. I also recently read somewhere that its not very user friendly.

      My advice:
      - If you play cash table Hold em try Elephant first.
      - If you need more than what Elephant has to offer or have money to burn, get PT3
      - If you don't play Cash Table Hold em, but instead play sng's or tournies, I think you need PT3
    • TheBu11d0g
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      Originally posted by hunt32
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    • Waiboy
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      Sweet thread! My PT3 trial is ending tomorrow and I'm considering whether to fork out for the full version of PT3 and kill my $210 br or hold out for another few weeks to try out elephant...

      And now I've just downloaded Hold'em manager and will give this a go first - and at $55 for the small stakes version - if it's any good I'm winning all round!

      This inter web place is cool - thanks guys! :D
    • Marky84
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      Originally posted by hunt32
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    • RockEye
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      Well if you play at Titan for example, you'll still have to enter SNG or MTT summaries manually in Poker Tracker. It worked fine for with Full tilt cash games and SNGs, Titan poker cash games, but with Party Poker it show wrong data. My 20$ win at MTT has suddenly multiplied by 7x, dunno why. Maybe it's my fault. But i think Poker tracker sucks for beginners, cause it's too complicated.
      Haven't tried Elephant yet or Holdem Manager but at first glance they are more user friendly.
    • elhh82
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      Originally posted by Marky84
      Originally posted by hunt32
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    • cunhaTW
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      Well i started with PT2 and was really happy with it until i had to install it on Windows vista. The problem was that i was never able to put the AceHud working. So for the last 2 months i'm using elephant.

      The first thing is that Elephant is very easy to install, way more easier than PT. For beginners players also have some cool less complicated interfaces witch resumes the way you are playing.

      Off course Elephant is still in a very early stage and i miss some things about PT. One thing is that was very easy to search for bad players in PT. In elephant i still didn't find a way for searching for players with a high VPIP or by any other statistics. One cool thing was the review hand interface on PT were seem that you were at the table again.

      In resume i think for starters and for micro limits Elephant is a tool good enough for helping you improve your gains and your game. Hope pokerstrategy keep developing it though.