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Help Me Crush the 50c/$1 SH Game

    • Evilpopcorn
      Joined: 02.05.2006 Posts: 184
      Current Situation (Problem)

      Over my first 10 000 hands at 50c/$1 SH i have lost around 160BB. Sure this is not a lot but my problem is that i think i am playing very sub optimally.

      My PT Stats for the 10K sample :

      VPIP : 17
      PFR : 15
      TAF : 3.8
      WTSD% : 29
      Won$SD : 62

      Folded SB to Steal : 90%
      Folded BB to Steal : 82%
      Att To Steal Blinds : 26%

      Now i have being reading up on SH quite a bit lately and the things that jump out at me of being very wrong are :

      1) VPIP to low
      2) PFR slighlty to low
      3) TAF too high
      4) WTSD% to low

      Also i suspect that there is a dependancy between VPIP and TAF and that if i played some more hands (increasing my VPIP) that it would bring my TAF down.

      When it comes to the steal stats i am am for the moment totally clueless and would appreciate some advise on those.

      Proposed Solution

      The steps i am gonna take to get my game in shape :

      1) Post 10 hands per day (on the hands posting section)
      2) Make a 4 table video once a week
      3) Watch instructional videos
      3) Post weekly updates on my stats
      4) Use this thread do discuss more general (less hand specific) FL SH topics

      Would really appreciate lots of input from you guys concerning all of the above. Hopefully i can become a profitable player in the nearish future.
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    • kukkiwonBG
      Joined: 27.07.2008 Posts: 4,494
      I don't play SH at all but imo your folded to steal and ATS is very very bad.
      You must widen your range from late position first in the pod and try to protect you blinds more (because you opponents have widened ranges from late)
      You must have more VPIP and PFR to.
      I hope someone better than me can help you more.
      And let the flop be with you. :D
    • kukkiwonBG
      Joined: 27.07.2008 Posts: 4,494
      There as some very good silver videos for SH. When you become silver watch them two - three times. They will help you.
      Link removed
      This is a link for some other videos. The "Through the Limits" is a must for your game. I thing that all other videos is for SH so watch them all.
    • gape0000
      Joined: 28.08.2007 Posts: 628
      I think that maybe u should consider playing fullring instead. It just seems u aren't that confident about your game, it seems u are just too weak/tight , esp. for SH tables.
      I guess u have to ask urself if u like the aggressive play at the SH tables, if you dont then maybe its better to stay away at least until u feel confident enough.

      Regarding ur stats : are u using any kind of preflop chart ?
      I mean you fold your BB way too much, and u need to loosen up in all positions probably. The low WTS suggest u are probably folding winning hand too often. I wouldnt worry about af. too much but it seems a bit high , but like u said it would be lower if u play more hands .
    • Evilpopcorn
      Joined: 02.05.2006 Posts: 184
      Nah played 140 000 hands of FR and got bored/frustrated etc.

      Gonna play short hand till i get it right. :D

      Yeah using a preflop chart. Just played a short 1000 hand session with basic stats of 19/17/3/31. Also cut down the multi tabling so think that should improved my steal as well as overall stats.
    • Evilpopcorn
      Joined: 02.05.2006 Posts: 184
      Ok so while i play a session i note down some thoughts :

      1) How do you guys value Top pair no kicker first to act ie OOP on a monotone board ? I am thinking of the situation like when you got J4o in BB and flop goes J 5 2 (all hearts) 4 ways. What lines do u consider/take here ?

      2) What are the "target" stats for a Poker Strategy SH FL player ?

      3) When defending the BB with Ax and u miss the flop i take it you aren't always just folding to the auto bet of the stealer all the time ? What sot of other lines can i take based on villains and boards ?

      4) How do u guys play an ace high flop when the you 3-bet the villian CO raise. You lead the flop and get 2-bet. Was experimenting with poker stove. If i use 30% for the CO open raise would that be fair cos then obviously against that range i am over 50%. How does his range change tho when he put the 2-bet on the flop ? Assuming rainbow flop i gotta hate my hand right ? On an ace high flop with a flush draw that actually widen his range and increase my equity.

      5) Another spot i am not comfortable with. Small/Medium pairs when u got initiative on the flop with two overcard and are OOP. So standard flop bet and u get called. Now another overcard to your pair comes. What is you line ?

      6) The play where if u are HU on the flop and nobody has the initiative you bet ATC. Don't you guys think that is very abusable ? Yo uget a good read on a guy that you know plays that line is it not possible to rebluff him a lot ? Also i fear that playter will try abuse me in the same way.

      Yeah lots of questions and every situation is very specific but am trying to get help with my thoughts.

      Thanks for any/all the help guys !
    • redskwerl
      Joined: 03.03.2008 Posts: 3,812
      as far as i can tell your main weakness is in steal situations
      eg. you don't steal enough, and you're folding way too much from the blinds preflop and then to the auto-cbets as well

      another thing is that i think you play too much :) try cutting down on the number of tables until you get used to SH play more.. HUD-botting 12 tables doesn't work for SH limit

      just my 2 cents
    • tomzyb
      Joined: 02.08.2007 Posts: 623
      -Your VPIP should be 22+
      -PFR around 18
      -fold BB around 50%
      -fold SB around 80%

      Your stats should look like this if u use charts for SH, maybe you can let yourself be just a bit tighter, but loosen up when you get better in marginal postflop decisions.

      -WTSD 35-40, you just fold way too much, go to showdown way more in HU situations.

      Read golden articles about : standard lines, semi bluffing, bluffing, equities. Well you should read all :) , but i find these very usefull.

      You play way too weak, read and try to understand articles one by one and implement theory separetly one by one in your play, and that should do it.