Fundamental Poker Skills

    • EdgyAllan
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      What skills would you recommend beginners to work on early on in their poker experience? For example maths or such things.

      Specifically, I am (re-)starting out and have a preference for SnG's. I am going through the basic articles. I think on first sight my maths skills need some work. My maths is crap, I struggle with basic multiplication nowadays like 9x12.

      So what fundamentals can you recommend for beginners to brush up on? I intend to start practising with maths applications every day. I also generally read books on logic and good decision-making which a lot of can apply to poker (making clear decisions from the mind rather than emotions). I practise concentration in general.

      What else is there? I mean truly basic fundamentals. I want to build a solid foundation. I.e. books, skills, softwares, articles, whatever you would recommend.
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